Are you the type of person who chooses sweets over healthy food? If you are, do not worry. There are plenty of other people out there who choose to do the same thing. However, once you begin working with your Roswell fitness coach they will teach you all about nutrition and hold you accountable with the types of foods you are eating. Everyone at some point in their lives loves having sugar. Why? Because foods that contain more sugar in them usually have better flavor than some healthy foods like chicken and brown rice. However, eating too much sugar can cause many health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight, and more. One way to avoid eating too much sugar is to limit how much you are having, if any. When you choose to be healthy and set goals for yourself, think about how to control how much sugar you are having.

Your Roswell fitness coach will explain how bad sugar is for you and can hold you accountable to avoid eating too much. When you meet once a week with your personal trainer during the accountability meeting, they will discuss the pictures you have been sending of your meals and track your progress. If they notice something that you should not be eating like sugar, they will tell you that is something you need to improve on. The nutrition guide at Built Phoenix Strong breaks down a complete list of foods you should be eating and what size portions you should be serving on your plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The foods should include a lean protein like chicken or fish, a healthy carbohydrate like a baked potato or brown rice, and a fruit or vegetable like spinach and raspberries. These are all great examples from the nutrition guide that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Did you notice I did not mention foods that had a ton of sugar in them? If you are wondering why, it is because eating foods that contain high amounts of sugar in them will not lead you to your goals, it will prevent you from reaching them or take much longer to reach them. Your Roswell fitness coach will constantly remind you how to avoid eating too much sugar and continue to hold you accountable even after you leave a training session with them. That is what separates us from the rest of our competition.

We make sure our clients are our number one priority because we care so much about their health and fitness goals and how we can help them reach them. The key to avoiding too much sugar is choosing foods that are not high in sugar, which ultimately are non-processed foods. Whole foods like protein, fruits, and vegetables are always a better choice than processed food because processed food tends to be higher in calories, fat, and sugar. At first it may seem severely challenging to avoid eating sugar, but if you stick with the list of foods we provide you, you will no longer enjoy the taste of sugar.

Can Our Roswell Fitness Coach Get You The Best Things?


You may be wondering by the title of this article what compound movements are and what do I mean by that? Well your Roswell fitness coach is going to explain to you everything you need to know about compound movements and why they are better than using simple movements. Compound movements or compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. A perfect example of a compound movement is a squat. A squat works the quads, glutes, and calves all at the same time.

Compound exercises differ from isolation exercises because isolation exercises only work one muscle group at a time, hence the word isolation. There are benefits to both types of exercises, but first we are going to talk about the benefits of compound exercises. Your Roswell fitness coach will inform you that compound exercises burn more calories, increase your heart rate, improve your flexibility, improve your strength, and allow you to gain more muscle. If you are the type of client that is looking to “bulk” or put on more muscle, then your Roswell fitness coach would create a workout plan that involves a copious amount of compound exercises.

This will allow you to see results quicker and notice the amount of muscle mass you are adding on. Other great examples of compound exercises include deadlifts, reverse lunges, forward lunges, bench press, tricep dips, push ups, and pull ups. There are different reasons for doing compound movements vs. doing simple movements so now let’s talk about what a simple movement is. A simple movement or exercise is only working one muscle group at a time and target that specific muscle group. A perfect example of this is a bicep curl, ultimately focusing on the bicep muscles.

The reason you would do an isolation exercise instead of a compound exercise is because you really want to focus on that particular muscle group and want to see results and may not have worked that area in a long time. The benefits to doing isolation movements and exercises include exhausting that muscle group which means more gain and target results. It also allows you to target specific muscles and avoid straining other muscle groups.

This could be ideal for someone who may have recently had an injury and lost all of their strength in that particular muscle group. They need to complete a series of isolated exercises to build the strength backup and gain the muscle back they lost from the injury. Some of our clients just notice that one part of their body is weaker than the others. In this case, we would focus on doing more isolation exercises until they notice a difference and gain the proper amount of strength they are looking for. Ultimately, at Built Phoenix Strong we incorporate more compound exercises than isolation exercises due to only working out for thirty minutes. If you want to be put through a high intensity workout with us for thirty minutes, then we will complete a series of compound exercises that burn a lot of calories and work a ton of muscle groups at the same time.