Health and fitness can be a difficult Journey when you’re going through it alone. Our CEO Placid a joke you strive to make sure that every single person that has a health and fitness goal is not alone on their Journey instead if they have a team a team that is by their side step by step in guiding them a holding them accountable said they can achieve the goals of the desire for their health and wellness. What is it losing your stomach, or if you’re somebody that is looking to build muscle and tone, or you’ve been counting calories and not seeing changes. When you work with the Roswell Fitness coach we are going to make sure that you get to where you want to be.

Our CEO began coaching at a Virginia school and winning a national championship. After winning this Championship I noticed was that a majority of the Ashley’s dad come to visit we’re out of shape. They had game 20 to 50 lb of fat. And this was frustrating for these people because they were in such great shape for that had no idea how to get rid of the weight they add game. It was at this moment that the Roswell Fitness coach realized that when we play sports we tend to be our best shape. And the reason why is because our coaches Otis accountable to the highest standard. They do this with meetings, they do this with check-ins, ways, many other ways to keep us on track as athletes.

They also provide us with nutrition meals are limited and provided a success because you’re eating the right Foods because that is what’s apply to you and that’s also what is taught to you by your Roswell Fitness coach. The next thing is Fitness you do your workouts with your coaches and they work you out and they put the right work out together for you said you see the changes in the results that you wants in regards to exercising. So I designed a plan that was going to get people this same system. Our goal at build Phoenix strongest to bring back those three pillars which are accountability, nutrition comment also working out when these return to a person it gets them back in shape and it gets them seeing results again which is what everybody wants.

Far too often people will work out and they’ll have great goals but they won’t be able to see the change that they want. Because many gems will do no coaching. There are not offering coaching it said what they have is personal training only and when this happens the personal trainer was simply guide a new client through the workout and count their reps. However the trailer is not teaching the sustainable result techniques or last I have is that a client needs in order to keep their results long-term or do you even achieve their goals in the first place.

The next thing is many gems will do basic Staffing they will simply hire people and meet the bare mineral choir mix of prerequisites and are to be hired for the position but these people are not actually good enough at the job to get clients clear results. So the client sent to be frustrated and 2 months later that looking for a new place to work out because they weren’t put in the position to be successful from the beginning. Jim’s also typically do not offer privacy is that everybody works out in these large groups and when this occurs the client is left doing workout sessions of people that they do not know and they’re not on the same track towards goals that they are so sometimes the girls get lost in the mix. Will you train That Built Me next row we fix all this by giving you success Road Matt. We didn’t give you the right accountability and we put in the accountability system in place is going to hold you accountable on a day-in and day-out basis that you’re always successful.