If you are looking for the best Roswell fitness coach, then look no further because you have come to the right place. We are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Roswell. At Built Phoenix Strong, we separate ourselves from our competition by using what our CEO Placid Ajoku developed known as the Phoenix Method. The Phoenix Method incorporates our three main pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Our clients are our number one priority and with this method, we have helped over five hundred clients reach their health and fitness goals. That is because we hold our clients to a much higher standard than our competition.

Your Roswell fitness coach will give you a free fitness assessment to determine what the next best steps are and to see where you currently stand with your physical strength and endurance. We have something for everyone. Organizations like the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta, Braves, Arizona Cardinals, and University of Georgia Bulldogs have all chosen to work with us because of our professionalism, high energy, and certified training skills that make us next level. For many of our clients, when they first meet with us they are extremely frustrated, have seen little to no results, or have hit the same plateau with their weight loss. For others, they are just completely stuck and confused on where to even begin. We want to remove all that stress and worry for our clients by using our Phoenix Method that makes them excited to begin working with us and reach their health and fitness goals.

On average, our clients lose twenty pounds or four percent body fat within their first month! Can you believe that? When we first tell a client this, they cannot believe it either. We provide a high intensity, thirty minute workout for our clients that involves several compound exercises to target weight loss and tone up the body. You will complete your free fitness assessment with your Roswell fitness coach that helps them create and design the perfect workout plan for you. Another reason we are simply the best fitness coach you will ever have.

We tailor our workout plans to fit your health and fitness needs. For some people they need to lose thirty pounds, while others may need to add ten pounds of muscle. Whatever the case may be, we can design the ideal workout plan for you. You have to be ready for the challenge. On top of that, we provide a nutrition guide that describes the type of foods you should be having and how many meals you need to eat per day. Every week, your personal trainer will also meet with you for your weekly accountability meeting to go over your progress, celebrate your wins, and see where we need to make some adjustments. Then, once you reach our original health goals, we take it to the next level and push you to reach for more. If you have any questions, please give us a call today because we would love to help you out!

Does This Roswell Fitness Coach Come Help?


When you go to the gym, do you ever look around to see who the personal trainers are and if you should work with one? Well, the answer is yes. Roswell Fitness Coach has some of the best personal trainers in the state of Georgia. But you may be wondering how you could find out more about them. You can find Roswell Fitness Coach on Google and read about why we are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford at Built Phoenix Strong. Our trainers are not like the ones you see moving around the gym. They are high energy, professional, certified personal trainers that take everything to the next level. We make sure to hire fitness coaches that are experienced and have worked with all different types of clients. This is important because they need to be able to design workout plans for someone looking to gain weight or muscle mass and for other clients who are looking to lose one hundred pounds. We want to make sure they can handle all different ends of the spectrum. When you walked into the gym and had someone greeting you with a warm smile and high energy, wouldn’t that make you excited to work out? Well, with Roswell Fitness Coach that is exactly what will happen when you walk into our gyms. It is extremely important to us that all of our clients know they are our number one priority and we care very much about them as a person inside and outside the gym. That is one of the many things that separates us from our competition. We take things a step further and have a group message with every single one of our clients for them to communicate with us and send us pictures of the foods they are eating and how many meals they are having. This holds them accountable and makes them have a better customer experience with us as well. Personal training is considered a luxury service so if you are going to spend the money on personal training, then you want to make sure you are paying for a top notch fitness coach as well. Our coaches meet with their clients once a week during what we call their accountability meeting where they celebrate their wins from the week and see what changes need to be made and where there is room for improvement. At Built Phoenix Strong, we offer a free fitness assessment and the first seven days for only one dollar. We want to make sure we find the perfect trainer for you that you feel comfortable with and ready to reach your health and fitness goals. It is important when finding the right personal trainer that you go through a workout with them to see what their style is like and if you are being challenged enough. All of our clients meet for a thirty minute, high intensity workout. Call us today and we can get your free fitness assessment scheduled!