Built Phoenix strong is hands-down the number one Roswell personal trainer and the reason why is because we have a simple system that simply Works. Our founder coach Placid Ajoku is passionate about making sure that all of his clients are able to see their results. There are many reasons to train at the next row many people wonder what these reasons are and why they should have a Roswell personal trainer but the first reason is actually a very simple reason and that is to reach your fitness goals. We want all of our clients to reach their goals and not have to worry about how to lose weight, how to maintain their weight loss, how to build muscle, how to tone up their stomach, and many other problems that people face today.

In fact on average are average Roswell personal trainer client loses 20 pounds or up to 6% body fat in just their first month of training at the built being a strong. This is done by only training 3 days a week. Many people will chain five, six, seven times a week and not lose any weight but when using our method you can lose 20 lb in just your first month with only three days. Many wonder how this is possible. When it comes from Placid Ajoku three pillars of Health Fitness, Nutrition, and accountability we Implement these systems in a strategic way into your life that you not just hit your goals that you maintain them forever.

Many people will lose weight and then gained it back but with our system you lose weight, tone up, build muscle and keep your newfound body forever. After approximately 10 days almost 100% of our client support a drastic increase in energy. This increase in energy as a direct result from incorporating good fats and a healthy lifestyle into your life. However our system is unlike one that has been done anywhere else and it starts with what is called a success roadmap this is the plan that our CEO Taylor’s towards you and specifically what it is that you are looking to accomplish. It is customized, your needs, and also accommodates to your specific schedule. We do not do the generic workouts that tend to happen at a majority of gyms around the world instead ours our Custom Tailor, the workout to happen at the other gyms will simply keep a person active and maybe help them get a good sweat but that person will not actually see the visible changes that they want in their health and body. We also have weekly and monthly accountability means with each and every class.

Each week the client will meet with their personal trainer to go over their progress from the previous week. We will discuss what they did great, as well as what we want to improve on for the following week so that we are all always on the same page about what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. At the end of the month the trainer, the clients, and the CEO will all meet for about 15 minutes or to go over the mumps progress for the client.

This is why we have such a high success rate personal training. The next thing I would do is nutrition which many May argue is actually the most important part of the entire thing. We provide each client with a personalized nutrition guide this is a step-by-step customized nutrition plan to take a client from where they are right now straight to where they want to be without even having to think about it.


Roswell Personal Trainer | Built Phoenix Strong | Be Great!

That built Phoenix strong we aim to be great this means that it is not just a day in day out thing but it is a true lifestyle that we commit to every single day. This is the standard that we hold our clients to as well because when you hire us is a Roswell personal trainer as the number one highest rated and most reviewed gym in the entire city and he wants to make sure that we deliver to everybody.

Just a few things included in that with the first one being a private environment we make sure that our clients get that one-on-one attention that they really create that Fitness family on their side. Our clients are gifted with a Roswell personal trainer, a Roswell accountability coach, as well as a group of people that are on the same mission is not a mission to achieve their goals, whether that is weight loss, but I that is toning up, whether that is getting rid of the stomach, or look better in their clothes whatever you were looking to achieve with people that are looking to do the same thing and then strive to give you the one-on-one attention so that you know exactly what you need in order to get to your desired goals.

And most places these days there is no more privacy in huge groups. When you work out in a dude group nobody is watching you specifically so you end up getting lost in the pack because there are so many people, as a result you end up seeing little changes to your body and how you look and how you feel, then you get frustrated in a few months later you’re looking for a new place to work out. If you have the desire to lose 20 lbs but the person she wants to gain 10 pounds there is no reason the two of you should be working out in the same group.

Now if you’re ready to tone up, simplify your systems, and work more efficiently contact us today! Working out doesn’t have to be complicated, we’ll simplify our systems and workouts so you can enjoy working out and living a healthier lifestyle!

This is why people more times than not do not reach their health goals but we don’t do that here at Bill Phoenix, because our Roswell personal trainer is going to make sure that everything is custom tailored towards you specifically, and of course all of your fitness goals with your coach. So if you have any questions or would like more information call us today!