I built Phoenix strong what you’re going to get is a Roswell personal trainer that is not just a coach but one that is going to provide coaching and chaining together. Now there is something special that occurs when you combine these two facets together. You see our coaching strategies are going to allow you as a client to have permanent results not just inside the gym but also outside of the gym as well. And this is the key to having long-term results and remaining happy with your health and wellness with the help of the Roswell personal trainer. To help with that we’re going to have is a state of the yard stuff. This is a staff at build Phoenix drawing that is composed of the highest-rated and top-ranked coaches and professional personal changes in the entire state of Georgia. Trainers are handpicked by the CEO Placid a joke of himself.

They come to a series of interviews that consists of three different routes. And only the best trainers make it to the end of the third round from there the CEO then change them himself. We’re also going to give you what is called a tailored and private environments. The reason we do this is because we want to make sure that you are truly getting the one I want attention during your exercises and doing your workouts that you need in order to be successful. During his experience you’ll start to notice that you are forming a fitness family on your side this is a group of people with your trainer and coach there to help you and there to guide you and show you the path to success.

Many people outside of the gym do not have a good support system when they go home their family is not on their side and is not setting them up for Success so we make sure that you get a private environment that is going to put you on the path to success. We also help with nutrition. We do daily nutrition coaching in our group chats or the make sure that your Roswell personal trainer is holding you accountable to the meal plan that we designed for you. The meal plan is included and it’s going to give you a quick results and both the way your body looks and also quick results in the way that your body feels. But also show you the ways to be able to keep these new strategies long-term. The biggest thing at building strong as what we called kill the number to and that is accountability so what we give each client is weekly accountability and meetings.

These are to go over the three things that the client is well over the past week and the three things that they’re training wants to see them perform well over the next week so the client is always progressing and never going back words and their health and wellness goals. If you are someone else looking to lose their stomach, hurts me that is looking to build muscle, or somebody that is simply not comfortable with the way that they look and feel and they’re closed this is the way to go for you. With that we have monthly accountability means where you sit down with the CEO at the end of the month and he is able to go through your entire month of workouts and meals and see what needs to be done over the course of the next month so that you are ahead of the game and always seem to change that you want to see. This is all part of your success roadmap which is the first thing that we do for you Built Phoenix Strong we built together and plan is going to get you to where you need to be.

Roswell Personal Trainer| the Meaning of Fitness | Built Phoenix Strong

One question I get all the time as a Roswell personal trainer is what does it mean to be fit. Maybe we’ll have different definitions of what it means to be fit but I built Phoenix strong we try to make this clear of a definition as possible. So let’s talk about what fit is not okay and that starts with the way that working out is done at other personal training services. And those places trainers simply train and they do not coach. So they simply are rep, as they count the number of reps that you have they count out loud they demonstrate the workout that is all they do. This is unintentional and it does not lead to the results that a client wants up there Roswell personal training. So this is not an effective method because of coach is different a coach is there to take you from where you are right now to where you didn’t even realize you could go.

A coach is somebody that will help you reach new limits in your health and wellness and break through your old limits so that you can become a better version of yourself this is why coaching is so much bigger than training. And in order to truly understand the meaning of Fitness you need to have a Roswell personal trainer that is also a coach. The next thing that is done wrong as basic Staffing more times than not when you walk into a gym the personal trainers will like they need to hire their own personal training. Many times when you walk into a commercial gym nobody cares about you and it is very generic and corporate. But I built Phoenix shall we take the time to learn about you as a client and put you on the track to success. That other gyms change simply come in and they pass a test so as a result they get hired they get the shirt and they start working.

Cut with us we only hire the top rated and most of you changes and all the states that we know that you’re going to be successful on your health and wellness. I think is there is no privacy these days people simply all work out in one big group when this occurs you as a client or not being watched on a one-on-one basis. So the workout itself is not tailored towards you and your friend is called to becomes that much more difficult for you to reach the person that you are trying to become it can be frustrating for you the clients but we ain’t all of this at built Phoenix strong. Most places do not give nutrition plants. So many people are coming in every single day to get their workouts in but then they go home and eat whatever they want. As a result they do not lose any weight in they’re never happy with the way their body looks because you simply cannot how to train a that guides. And this is done wrong at so many other gyms. And when they do give you a nutrition plan they tend to charge for it.

Only for the nutrition plan 2 not work. This is not happen when you have a Roswell personal trainer because instead we give you something that we know it’s going to make me successful to light see results. There’s also no accountability at other gyms so when you walk in and you work at with your trainer you do not hear from that trainer again until it is time for you next workout session which sometimes can be weeks or even months. Because nobody’s checking out apply and every day it becomes very easy for you to fall off track that is definitely no what it means to understand the meaning of fitness.