You may have noticed that everyone is talking about gut health these days. You see numerous books, magazine articles, and posts on Instagram about gut health. This is extremely important in how your body feels overall and your nutrition. When working with a Roswell personal trainer, they will discuss nutrition a lot with you. They will also mention gut health and what it means to see results and eating whole foods. There are several ways to improve your gut health outside of the gym with your Roswell personal trainer. First, is to lower your stress levels. We all carry stress throughout our day whether it be due to your boss at work or just something going on in your personal life. Another big wayt to improve gut health is getting enough sleep. Sleep is extremely essential to living a healthy, balanced life. If you are not getting enough sleep, your health will diminish over time as you get older. Another way is to eat your food slower. Are you one of those people who inhales your food in like a vacuum? If this is you, then you may need to apply this. Your Roswell personal trainer is going to tell you to eat more whole foods and not as many processed foods. Whole foods take longer to chew because well they are called whole foods for a reason. Try taking smaller bites when you are eating and eat at a slower pace while taking breaks in between. An extremely important way to improve gut health is to stay hydrated. Your fitness coach will hold you accountable inside and outside of the gym. One of the main things they will remind you about is staying hydrated. You should be drinking at least one gallon of water per day. I know it is not everyone’s favorite, but water is the only thing that actually hydrates you and once you begin working out at Built Phoenix Strong, you are going to only want water and start to notice how much more hydrated you feel. One thing that we recommend at Built Phoenix Strong for gut health is taking a prebiotic or probiotic. Prebiotics help promote good bacteria growing in the gut, while probiotics are the live good bacteria. Talk with your fitness coach to determine which one you should be taking and see which one they recommend. Another thing to improve gut health is check on food sensitivities. If you notice you feel bloated, are cramping, or nauseous after eating a certain food, then you may be sensitive to that specific food, which could explain why you feel bloated or uncomfortable all the time. Lastly, it starts with changing your diet. When you meet with a coach at Built Phoenix Strong, that is one of the first things they will tell you during your free fitness assessment. Nutrition is one of our three main pillars of health and we talk about how important it is to have a healthy diet full of whole foods including lean protein, carbohydrates after a workout, and fruits or vegetables. If you incorporate all of these recommendations to improve your gut health, then you will reach your health and fitness goals and have a healthy gut. How many of you know the importance of gut health and what it means to have a healthy gut?

How’s The Roswell Personal Trainer Experience Going To Be?

Have you ever noticed in the grocery store that all the fruits and vegetables are on the outside aisles and all the cookies, crackers, and snacks are in the inside aisles? There is a reason they are set up this way. Most people do not want to make it all the way around the grocery store because that takes up too much time, which is why they put the processed foods and unhealthier options at quicker access for you by being in the middle aisles. I am here to tell you that your Roswell personal trainer will tell you you need to eliminate processed foods when trying to lose weight or tone your body. At Built Phoenix Strong, our three main pillars of health include fitness, nutrition, and accountability. During your free fitness assessment, you will complete a mock workout to see what types of exercises we do and then we will sit down and discuss nutrition. The CEO and founder Placid Ajoku created a nutrition guide that breaks down the types of whole foods you should be eating. Yes, whole foods. So now you might be wondering what is the difference between whole foods and processed foods? Well, number one whole foods are healthy, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. Processed foods include several artificial ingredients and sweeteners that are designed to make food taste better, which then causes you to consume more in one sitting and have health problems or gain weight. Processed foods tend to be higher in calories as well. The most important benefit to eating whole foods vs. processed foods is whole foods have not been modified before you consume them. Processed foods change their natural composition before it even reaches the store shelves. Your Roswell personal trainer will explain how to slowly cut out processed foods and begin eating more whole foods. If your diet consists of more natural, whole foods you will have more energy, have a healthier gut, start to feel better in your clothes, and reach your health and fitness goals. For all of your meals, you should be eating lean protein, carbohydrate, and a fruit or vegetable. In the nutrition guide provided by your Roswell personal trainer, these foods will be broken down to make it easier for you. There is even an eating out guide to use at restaurants so you know how to order healthier options. When your diet consists of a lot of processed foods, this can affect your mood, energy level, gut health, and body weight. Eating processed foods often makes people feel sluggish after eating a meal like a microwave ready meal and you may feel bloated or experience cramping. These are all signs that you have an unhealthy gut more than likely because you are not eating enough whole foods in your daily routine. I guarantee you that by eating more whole foods, staying hydrated, and working with one of our fitness coaches, you will reach your health and fitness goals and see real, physical results.