Do you ever realize how many different types of food you eat that has cheese in it? Do you notice how cheese makes you feel bloated? If you are looking to tone your body or lose weight, then you should definitely avoid cheese. When you begin working with your Roswell personal trainer, they will discuss the three pillars of health with you– fitness, nutrition, and accountability. One of the first foods they will tell you to avoid is cheese. Cheese can oftentimes leave the body feeling bloated, heavy, and cause you to have low energy. Your Roswell personal trainer will give you examples of other healthy foods to indulge on when you start to have a craving for cheese. While cheese is considered a good fat, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

Cheese is very high in fat and is also dairy, which most people consume too much dairy can have that constant bloat or full feeling. If you work out consistently and then immediately consume cheese, you will not see results as quickly as someone who decided to cut dairy out of their diet. Trust me, I know avoiding cheese and altering your diet to not include cheese in it sounds impossible, but your Roswell personal trainer holds you accountable by encouraging you to send pictures of all three meals you eat every single day. After the first week, you should start to notice a difference in how you feel and look in the mirror when you wake up everyday and will start to realize how sending your personal trainer meal pictures every day becomes a habit.

The biggest reason you should avoid cheese is because of the fat content. The reason cheese is so delicious and leaves you wanting more every time is because it is made with a lot of fat. Like most foods, the more fat it has in it, the more enjoyable it is. Once you start to avoid cheese, you will feel so much better, less bloated, and have so much more energy to complete your daily tasks. Avoiding cheese is key to losing weight and getting rid of that constant bloat you find yourself having even after an intense workout 4-5 times per week. There are plenty of alternatives you could have with your foods instead of having cheese all the time.

Cheese is very high in fat content and is considered dairy, which usually leaves people feeling very bloated. Once you start avoiding cheese, you will notice a tremendous difference in how your body feels, but also how clear your mind is and how much energy you have. To avoid cheese, it is important to have accountability. With the help of a fitness coach and sending them pictures of your meals everyday, they will constantly remind you that your meals should avoid cheese and will even point that out in a picture you send. Their job is to hold you accountable at all times even when you are not in the gym training with them. This is an example of what an excellent fitness coach does because they truly care about you as a person and want to help you reach your goals.

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When you start working out again after quite some time, you will notice very early on that your core strength may be incredibly weak. You will feel very sore and feel it in your core the most. When you meet with your Roswell personal trainer for a free fitness assessment, the first part of the workout will involve core. Building core strength is essential to becoming stronger and more toned overall. A lot of people choose to skip doing core exercises during their workouts because they think engaging their core during the workout is enough, but that is not correct. Either before or after your workout you should take some time to do core exercises.

One of the main core exercises that works best for building core strength is planks. It’s ok to start small, maybe holding the plank for only 15 seconds and working on increasing the time you can hold a plank each week. Planks do not come easy at first, but you will quickly start to notice you are building more and more core strength. You will not be able to lift as heavy of weights if you do not have a strong core. Your Roswell personal trainer will assess how strong your core is during the first workout. Some of the exercises we like to do at Built Phoenix Strong include alternating toe touches, russian twists, and hollow rocks.

These help build your core strength and get rid of that stubborn lower stomach. Another great exercise to build core strength is doing 30 seconds of mountain climbers. This exercise not only engages the core the entire time, but is also a good way of having active rest during your workout. Incorporating cardio into your workouts can also help with building core strength. If you are consistent every workout with doing some of these exercises, then you are going to notice visible changes and your Roswell personal trainer will too.

Each time you do these core exercises, your core is becoming stronger and stronger. Once you have successfully built up your core strength, then you can start lifting heavier weights. Without a strong core, it will be very challenging to lift heavy weights and can lead to injuries such as lower back pain. At Built Phoenix Strong, we always make sure to include core exercises at the beginning of our workout sessions with our clients. Then, we get into the weight lifting part of the workout because our clients are prepared to lift weights after building their core strength.

As previously stated, doing planks is one of the best ways to building core strength. There are many variations of planks that you can do including side planks, planks with 1 leg up, planks with 1 arm up, and even plank jacks once you become skilled and have a pretty strong core. Remember that building core strength is the foundation to being able to lift heavy weights and having a toned body that allows your clothes to fit better. You will be amazed after just 1 week of doing some of these core exercises what changes you will notice and how strong you feel lifting weights.