Water is essential to the human body, but people can never seem to drink enough water during the day. They prefer other things like soda, lemonade, tea, etc. However, when you are trying to get in shape and have better nutrition, it is important that you drink at least a gallon of water per day. Without water, you will not have as much energy, you will not be as healthy, and you will ultimately become dehydrated. Your Roswell personal trainer will hold you accountable with the three pillars of health fitness, nutrition, and accountability and remind you to drink your water throughout the day, but more importantly during the workout.

They will be sure to give you quick water breaks during the intense, thirty minute workout. Water makes up a good amount of the human body and the body cannot go very long without it. There are many health benefits to drinking at least a gallon of water per day including brighter, hydrated skin and lips, less bloating, and complete hydration of the body. When you are doing a high intensity workout, you will become tired quickly and need to rehydrate your body with water. Throughout the day, it is important to keep a water bottle of some sort near you at all times to stay hydrated while you are completing your daily tasks.

Your Roswell personal trainer can provide water to you during your workout session and remind you to drink your water. With every meal picture that you send, they will remind you to drink water with each one of these meals. If it helps, they even sell those reusable water bottles that have the hours of the day on them and on the other side, it tells you how many ounces are in that water bottle usually they are thirty two ounces. This ensures that you are getting the proper daily intake of water for your body. Once you start drinking at least a gallon of water per day, you will notice how much better you feel overall. You will be so hydrated that your skin won’t feel as dry even in those winter months and you will start to enjoy drinking water. I know, you’re probably thinking how could I ever enjoy drinking water?

But trust me, once you complete a thirty minute, high intensity workout with your Roswell personal trainer, you are going to want nothing but water. Initially, once you begin drinking your water, you will start to feel full during your meals and may even feel bloated after a meal, but then you will quickly lose your water weight and have less inflammation in the body overall. One thing that I recommend is drinking at least an eight ounce glass of water first thing when you wake up in the morning. This has several health benefits to it including less bloating in the morning when you look in the mirror. Those who are in the best physical shape tend to drink the most water. Drinking water will also help with your endurance during these types of workouts that involve hardly any rest and a lot of physical reps with weights. If you were to drink something like soda for example during your workouts, you will feel extremely bloated and will not be properly hydrated in your workout.

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Do you ever go into a store at the mall and see the most beautiful shirt on the mannequin and think I would never look good in that? The answer is probably yes, but what if I told you that you could wear that shirt using the Phoenix method? The Phoenix method includes the three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability along with 30 minute, high intensity workouts two to three times per week. With the help of your Roswell personal trainer, you will be able to buy that top and wear it flawlessly in no time! Along with this, you will start to notice how all of your clothes are suddenly fitting better whether that be tight muscles in the sleeves of your shirt, fuller, firmer butt in a new pair of jeans. The key to making your clothes fit better is working out.

That’s right, I said it. Working out 30 minutes per day with high intensity workouts will have you gaining muscle and burning fat, which makes that brand new outfit you just bought look amazing on you! You will start receiving compliments from friends, family, co-workers and they will ask you how you make that top or those jeans look so good. You may also have to start buying smaller sizes when you go to the mall as well but your Roswell personal trainer will be so impressed with you and want to help you create new goals as well. We once had a client who bought this beautiful, sleek black dress to wear on her upcoming vacation to Italy.

She had about three months to prepare for this trip and tried on the black dress she bought. She was so disgusted when she tried the dress on that she immediately took it off and decided she was going to create a healthier lifestyle for her and her family. Fast forward to 3 months later when she went on vacation and she looked better than ever in that black dress! She sent a picture to her Roswell personal trainer who was blown away at her results in just three short months! There are so many other people out there who could have the exact same experience. On average, our clients at Built Phoenix Strong lose 4% or twenty pounds within their first month. That is because the personal trainers we hire must abide by the three pillars of health as I mentioned before.

They hold you accountable outside of the gym by creating a group message with you where you are responsible for texting a quick photo of every meal–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, every single meal. It may seem like a tedious task, but after a few photos and your trainer encouraging you with a response, you will be used to it in no time. One of the first things you notice once you start working out is how much better your clothes fit. That’s because people who consistently work out and eat healthy are building muscle and losing fat, which helps them pull off any type of outfit they want. The more muscle you build and more fat you burn, the better you will feel in your clothes. You may see things in stores you would never buy in the past, but now you start to try those clothes on right away when you walk into the store.