At Built Phoenix Strong, we are currently offering your first seven days for just one dollar. Yes you read that right. And you get to work with the top Roswell personal trainer that Coach Placid hand trains himself. You will also get an additional free week of personal training added in. That $1 donation goes to either the Safari Mission or the Prevent Cancer foundation. The Safari Mission teaches business principles to underdeveloped areas in Africa so they can learn to grow businesses instead of needing constant donations and the Prevent Cancer foundation aims to prevent cancer from forming in the first place as opposed to once it is already spread. We combine Coach Placid’s three pillars of health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability. Your top Roswell personal trainer will implement these systems into your life and get you your results. We will provide a success roadmap to you, which is a tailored toward you, step by step plan to your results. We will have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics with you to keep you on track towards your goals. The way we do things is very different from any other personal training service. We do not offer “cookie cutter” workouts that are generic and designed to keep you active and moving, but not actually getting you to your goals. That happens at other gyms and there is zero accountability outside of the 30-45 minute workout session with that trainer. You will be working with the top Roswell personal trainer either one on one or semi private. One on one will always be one on one, while semi private can be one on one, but it will never be more than 4-5 people working out at a time. This small size assures you get the one on one attention you deserve with a fitness family on your side. We also have a state of the art staff at Built Phoenix Strong. Our staff is composed of the top-ranked coaches and professional trainers in the state. We combine coaching with training. Our detailed coaching strategies allow for permanent results inside and outside of the gym. At other gyms, people are working out in big groups and bootcamps and the trainer isn’t really paying attention to everyone, they are getting lost in the pack, become frustrated, and are suddenly looking for a new place to work out two months later. The staff and personal trainers are also meeting the bare minimum requirements and prerequisites. With other personal trainers at outside gyms, they are merely guiding their client through the workout, but not actually teaching them sustainable results or lifestyle habits. You will thoroughly enjoy working out with us at Built Phoenix Strong. We have high energy and want to help you reach your fitness goals. On average, our clients lose 17 pounds or 4% body fat in their first month, training 3 days a week. Are you ready to join Team Phoenix? Call us now for your free fitness assessment and let’s get you started!

Can A Top Roswell Personal Trainer Figure It Out?

The number one mistake people make when deciding to workout and lose weight is thinking they can still eat whatever they want simply because they are working out. Those who do this will quickly learn it is not possible to lose weight without having sustainable nutrition. Your top Roswell personal trainer will provide a customized nutrition plan that is a $300 value for free in their workout program.This will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but make your nutrition sustainable and allow you to keep your results forever. We also include a free restaurant how to eat out guide in our program as well. This will help you know how to order healthy options when you go to different restaurants on the weekends with family and friends. Far too often when we go to a restaurant and are trying to be healthy, we will order the fish thinking it’s healthy. But more times than not, that fish is tossed in so much salt and butter that once it gets to your table, it is really no different than a McDonald’s hamburger. This guide will fix all of that for you. Your top Roswell personal trainer will also ask you to send pictures of every single meal throughout your day so they can see the types of things you are eating to keep you on track towards your goals. The reason we include a customized nutrition plan in our program for free is because it is going to give you some freedom in what you eat, while still having you eat healthy. Whereas, at other gyms nutrition plans are not even included at all and definitely not for free. On average, our clients lose 17 pounds or 4% body fat in theri first month, training 3 days a week following this plan and eating healthy. Our clients also have an increase in energy within their first ten days. By having sustainable nutrition, you are going to reach your health and fitness goals quickly and keep those results long term. Have you ever felt like you were able to lose weight and then all of a sudden you hit a plateau and are trying everything you can to lose those last ten pounds? Well, this nutrition guide is going to fix all of that for you. And you combine that with working out two or three times per week the weight will just fall right off of you. You will look and feel better than you ever have before. Because we know our system works. We combine Coach Placid’s three pillars of health–fitness, nutrition, and accountability. You will meet with your top Roswell personal trainer weekly and monthly to keep you on track towards your goals and check in with you. They will discuss what your meals were like that week, ask why you didn’t send meal pictures at all, and celebrate how good your nutrition was. Even on the hard days where you have the most temptation, you have to come up with alternatives to satisfy a craving that are a healthier option.