Many people think that walking or running on the treadmill is enough to work your legs and that is not the case. The top Roswell personal trainer will alternate workouts between your lower body and your upper body. It is very important to work your legs and not just your arms all the time when looking to tone your body or lose weight. If you are working out three to four times per week, you should at least work your legs once out of those days. Some ways to work your legs include lunges, squats, leg press, and leg curl machines. These are just a few exercises you can do, I will talk about more shortly. The reason it is so important to work your legs during your workouts is because you want to make sure that your body is proportionate. Have you ever seen someone who has a really large upper body full of muscle and then you look at their legs and there is hardly any muscle there?

Doesn’t that look strange to you? This is another reason why the top Roswell personal trainer creates customized workout plans for you that alternate exercises between focusing on the arms and then focusing on the legs. During your warm up at Built Phoenix Strong, you will go through a series of arm and leg exercises. One great leg exercise that is also a form of cardio is tap and go jump squats. This helps build muscle in the legs and can also be a form of high intensity cardio. When you think about working your legs at the gym, that does not mean you have to just use all the different types of leg machines. In fact, working with the top Roswell personal trainer will show copious amounts of leg exercises that do not involve using a machine.

You will be amazed at how many different ways you can work your legs by simply using your body weight or dumbbell weights. Some of these exercises include front squats, bulgarian squats, reverse lunges, rigid deadlifts, and so many more. All of these exercises I just listed are not done on a machine. They are performed using only free weights or just your body. But they have the same impact and even more than using the machines. Some of the best machines that work your legs include leg press, leg curl, hip adduction, hip abduction, and leg extension. These are probably the best machines to use when trying to work your legs at the gym. However, you do not have to solely rely on using these machines to work your legs. Next time you are at the gym, try implementing some of the exercises I mentioned above and see how much more toned your legs look in the mirror! You will be so impressed and will no longer feel uncomfortable putting on a pair of shorts during the summer and will notice how much more proportionate your body is. When you work out, it is important to work all muscles both upper and lower body to create a proportionate figure. Never skip leg day!

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It is extremely important to drink protein shakes after a high intensity workout. I know you are probably thinking how much you hate the taste of a protein shake, but it may just be that you are not drinking the right one for you. There are copious amounts of protein drinks these days and yes, some do not taste good at all but there are plenty out there that taste like a dessert. You just have to figure out what works best for you. The top Roswell personal trainer provides you with a nutrition guide that gives you some examples of different protein brands to try. I recommend starting off with some samples if you have never had a protein shake before. Some people prefer the whey blend protein, while others prefer a soy blend or pea protein.

Pea protein is a non-dairy option protein that is considered vegan. A lot of females have more benefits with using something like pea protein because whey protein is not always good for their digestive system. The most important time to drink your protein shake is during the body’s recovery period after a strenuous workout, which is within thirty minutes after the workout. This will force the body to recover during this active recovery period. The top Roswell personal trainer explains the benefits of drinking protein shakes with you after your workout. Another reason you should drink protein shakes is because they are filled with so many nutrients that are good for the body. I like to drink my breakfast protein shake, which keeps me feeling full until lunch time and is providing me with all the nutrients I need. This helps ensure I am getting a proper amount of protein for breakfast because a lot of people do not think it is necessary to have lean protein with your breakfast.

However, the top Roswell personal trainer preaches about this importance of having lean protein with every single meal. The delicious breakfast shake includes your choice of protein powder, fruit if you prefer it, oats, and almond milk. I promise you this tastes delicious and is a great breakfast filled with nutrients! Another reason drinking protein shakes is so important is because it is allowing your body to build lean muscle. Lean muscle is what you want to build when trying to tone your body or lose weight. That helps you feel better, have more energy, and fit your clothes better. Drinking protein shakes allows you to have muscle definition. Have you ever noticed men lifting weights and walking around with their protein shake in hand? Now you know why.

They are drinking their protein shakes to have more muscle definition after they work out. If you drink your protein shake immediately after you finish your workout, then that will lead to more fat loss. Protein shakes are not enjoyable to some people, but the more you experiment and try different protein powders, the more likely you are to find something you like. Drinking protein shakes after a high intensity workout is essential to building lean muscle and more importantly, to build new muscle fibers. When you have a really hard workout, the muscle fibers are typically torn down from that workout. Your body is like a machine and needs to be refueled hence drinking the protein shake post workout.