Built Phoenix Strong accountability meetings are important because people tend to struggle with accountability and motivation. Of the day today can become draining trying to be healthy when you’re surrounded by people that are not healthy. These accountability meetings put you in a position to have a team that’s on your side to motivate to remind you why you started your journey with the Top Roswell Personal Trainer in the first place. This is one of the many things that separates us from other gyms and why our top Roswell personal trainer clients lose 20 pounds in 4% body fat in there for us another training with us doing the athlete resurrection plant. If you have not been seen the results as she want the athlete resurrection plant is the plan for you is a custom tailor plan that is catered towards you and your goals and where you’re currently at in your life. The first thing you receive is what is called a success road map this is your plan. It is a 12 week plan with weekly action items to get you to where you want to Be. This is a important step because far too often trainers make up the workouts as they go with this plan you and your trainer on the same page about what needs to be done that week and what is going to take place when you come into the gym for your work out so that you can reach your goals even faster than originally thought it was possible. Our clients rave about receiving their results even faster than I thought maybe he will come in looking to lose 50 pounds in the next year and are shocked and blown away when they lose 50 pounds of fat and wait and just the first three months because Built Phoenix Srong is the Top Roswell Personal Trainer. This is because we simplify health and make sustainable for you so that you can keep your results forever. Getting healthy does not need to be difficult if you follow the rate plan. What we do have Built Phoenix Strong is plan that’s going to get you to your call as fast as humanly possible. But we are about something that’s even bigger than fitness we want to get back to the world as well. When you begin working with the best personal trainer built phoenix strong we give your first seven days for just one dollar. But this one dollars actually donated to one of to charities. The first created safari Mission failed as a fire mission they work to teach business festivals to underdeveloped areas in west Africa so they can learn to open businesses is the leading cause of donations the second charity that we allow our clients to donate to is the prevent cancer foundation this works to prevent cats from forming in the first place as opposed to trying to hear it after it’s already spread. One way to prevent many forms of cancer is asking to be as healthy as possible this goes today and this goes to exercise. You have to have two of those with those are only two of the main pillars. Pulling over three as important as well as accountability when you work at Built Phoenix Strong to get all three of the main pillows with her one fitness, to nutrition, and three accountability these allow you to become the healthiest version of you and she had less risk for many of the diseases that are out there.

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At Built Phoenix Strong we create custom tailored plants in regards to fitness that are derived of Top Roswell Personal Trainer compound movements. Compound movements of very apart because you’re gonna work multiple muscles at the same time when you push your body in this way you’re going to burn the maximum amount of fat, and you were going to Brendan that’s amount of calories they need to have a flat stomach in a toned body like you wanted when you began reaching for your fitness goals. With nutritionally break it into a systemize customize nutrition guide from a Top Roswell Personal Trainer this is going to give you a series of listen a series of meals so that you understand what to eat for each meal and don’t have to worry about what you should be eating. It’s also get some Friedman what you Lisa nutrition because Istanbul for you so when you lose weight, and you lose 20 pounds in the next month, when you get a flat stomach, and you build your abs, you are able to keep your nutrition sustainable for the rest of your life. We’ve had many clients at Built Phoenix Strong one client that was really stubborn but eventually found the way it was Jordan Thompson. When she began with that she was very skinny and did not have much muscle definition in her body. Try to become fit and change the way that she looked so what are the working out with her she was running long lab Studio City miles and miles on and every single day. She’s not happy with the way she left. She even started to get a little fuzzy in her stomach. To fix this she began lifting weights with the Top Roswell Personal Trainer. Maplevalley that if they lift weights it’ll become bulky but she did this year she started to feel hotter frame and she looked wiener in better than she did before. It’s because muscle is the way of everything. If we were not meant to be lean we would not have the muscles that we have it would not be able to develop muscles from pretty much doing any movement. But that being said muscle is very important but you have to be intentional about how you build a muscle he had to feel your body with the correct food so that it is muscle that she building not fat. One common methods that if you’re working out you can eat whatever you want to eat but this is not true because you cannot L train a bad diet. This is why is important to have a customize nutrition guide that is going to outline what it is that she need to be eating on a day-to-day basis. I typically recommend three full meals every single day but you have to be intentional about what goes into each and everyone of those meals. For example broccoli should be composed of proteins carbohydrates and good fats. Where is the most important meal of the day because Breakfast is going to kickstart your metabolism for you. If you kickstart your metabolism early in the morning and you’re more likely to burn fat is you’re going throughout your day which can allow you to lose weight at a faster rate than you thought possible.