When you are trained by the best Roswell personal trainer, you will experience results quickly together. However, this is not going to be for the weak. This is for someone who is determined to get into the best shape and wants to maintain those results. When you are working out and getting into shape, the number one thing it takes is consistency and patience. If you are not going to be consistent or patient, then you will more than likely not see results. One of the biggest reasons people fall off track in their first month is due to lack of consistency and patience. This is not just meant for working out. This is also about your nutrition and eating habits. When you don’t stick to the custom meal plan that we provide, then you’re less likely to have the results. 

It is typically harder for women to stay consistent and patient with their workouts and nutrition plan. Women tend to check the scale every day and look in the mirror and notice their body looks the same. However, the best Roswell personal trainer is going to be able to notice significant differences in body composition faster. We have to remind our female clients to avoid the scale everyday or looking in the mirror. The reason for this is because women see the same person in the mirror everyday. It is extremely hard to notice the little differences that we will be able to notice.

The biggest compliment that you could receive from the best Roswell personal trainer is noticing more muscle definition in you. These are the little wins that we like to celebrate with our clients especially during the weekly accountability meetings. During your weekly accountability meetings, we will talk about what you have done really well within the last 7 days. Then, we will talk about what your goals are going to be for the upcoming 7 days. It is important that we make small goals and set them because you need something to look forward to. Aside from your weight loss goal that you’re trying to hit, it’s important to have little goals throughout.

If you’re patient and consistent with your workouts, then you will see results in your first month of working together. You will step onto the scale three weeks from now and be blown away with the changes already. Even though you may not physically see them, your personal trainer will definitely point them out to you. Then, you can celebrate those small wins and feel encouraged to keep going. Working out alone can be overwhelming especially if you are not checking in on your results. That is why so many people hire personal trainers because they can take the thinking out of it for them. We will always help keep you on track to reaching your Fitness goals. This is why it is so important for us to have our weekly accountability meetings with you. We want to check in and keep track of your progress for you.

When you work with the best Roswell personal trainer, your workouts will become elevated and taken to the next step. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we will get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain it long-term, without even having to think about it. Our clients always tell us how different the workouts are from anything they have done in the past and they are constantly reminding us how challenging they are each and every day.

 What we do here is we combine our three pillars of health. fitness, nutrition, and accountability. These are the systems that we use for everything when you are with us inside the gym and outside of the gym. The best Roswell personal trainer is going to help you reach your Fitness goals, but more importantly teach you how to have sustainable results and create lifestyle habits and as little as your first 4 weeks of working with us.

The attention to detail that we provide for our clients and their workouts is second to none. We do not just take clients through cookie cutter, generic workouts that may happen at other gyms. When you create these kinds of generic workouts, it becomes very monotonous for the client and not only that, they will not actually be able to see results ever. We are constantly trying to switch up your workout routines so that your body is continuously being shocked and new muscles are able to form and more weight is able to come off of you.

This is why when you work with the best Roswell personal trainer, you will lose an average of 17 lb or 4% body fat in just your first month of working with us. However, it is extremely important that you remain consistent and patient. Every body is different from one another and not all bodies have the same results in the same amount of time. We always have to remind our clients of this because they may notice someone else having faster results, but they are either taller or just built differently from that person. One of the biggest mistakes our clients can make is not being consistent or patient. They want to constantly change up their workouts or they are trying to use a different meal plan week by week. the body does not work this way however. your body really responds well to creating a habit within 21 days and sticking to that and then about every 30 days, you would go ahead and change up your workout routine.

By doing this, the new workout routine will shock your body and ultimately help you lose more inches or weight off your body. On top of that, when you also switch up how you are having carbs throughout the day, this can also shock the body and lead to more results for you. The best Roswell personal trainer is going to hold you accountable and talk about these things with you during the weekly accountability meetings. Each month, they will see which way your body responded better with having carbs either at lunch or dinner.