Built Phoenix strong has the best roswell personal trainer in the state. Great, because we are here to help you at Built Phoenix Strong personal training. We will get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain it long term, without even having to think about it. The first step for you is having the right plan. What we do here is we combine our 3 pillars of health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability.The best Roswell personal trainer is going to implement these systems into your life and it’s going to get you your results. So why train with us at Built Phoenix Strong? Because we want you to reach your fitness goals and we are here to help. Our average client sees results in as little as their first four weeks of working with us. But the way we do things is very different from any other personal training service. 

First, the first step for you is having the right plan. This includes a success roadmap, which is the plan we were just talking about. All of your high intensity workouts are going to be specifically tailored towards you and your fitness goals. It’s not going to be those cookie cutter workouts that may happen at other gyms that are generic and designed to keep you active and moving, but not actually reaching your fitness goals. We don’t do that here. You will also have weekly accountability meetings with the best Roswell personal trainer to help keep you on track to your fitness goals. At other gyms, there is no accountability. Outside of a workout session with a personal trainer, you won’t hear from them again until it’s time for your next workout session. We don’t do that here, Coach Placid hates that.

You are going to hear from us every single day. When you become a client with us, you will also get a personalized nutrition guide, which is great because it gives you very fast results but more importantly be able to maintain those results long term. This is worth $300, but is included for free in our program. At other gyms, nutrition plans aren’t included.One of the best things about working out with us is we are a personal training health studio, which means that it is more of a private environment.

We offer 1-on-1 personal training which is designed to make people feel more comfortable working out and less intimidated. Because these days at other gyms, there is no privacy. People are working out in big groups, leaving you lost in the pack, seeing little changes, and getting frustrated. Then next thing you know, you are looking for a new place to work out at. We have clients from the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and Atlanta Falcons. Coach Placid won best personal trainer in all of Fulton County. And he’s also been featured in Smyrna Vinings Lifestyle magazine. What we’re doing right now is the first 7 days for only $1.