Are you ready to completely transform your body and your life? You can do this by working with a Buford fitness coach. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we are the number one rated gym in Georgia because we do things different from any other personal training service. We will get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain it long term, without even having to think about it. 

We combine our 3 pillars of health and implement these systems into your life. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability. Your Buford fitness coach will create custom tailored workouts, provide a custom meal plan, and have weekly check-ins with you after each workout session. The purpose of the weekly check-ins is to see what kinds of things your client is eating and if they are sticking to their custom meal plan and following it closely.

When you allow your Buford fitness coach to provide custom tailored workouts for you and then you follow the meal plan the right way, I can guarantee you that you will lose either 17 lbs or 4% body fat in your first month of working with us. Let me tell you about our client Amelia.

Amelia came to us looking to lose 70 lbs. She was in shock when we told her that she could lose 20 lbs in her first month of working with us. Amelia was a little bit skeptical and believed there was no possible way she could also lose 20 lbs in her first month of working with us. She began working with us and within 2 weeks, she had already lost 10 lbs. Amelia comes in for each of her workouts with a big smile on her face and she is always laughing about something.

She shows up ready to work each workout and has pushed herself more and more each time. Her weights have increased already and I have already noticed more muscle definition in her arms and legs. She said her clothes are already fitting much better even with not following the meal plan perfectly. Amelia struggles with remembering to eat during her busy work schedule and traveling for work as well.

Even while she has been traveling for work, we have still been able to complete virtual workouts so she never misses a session. Amelia always makes sure to fit her workouts in no matter if something comes up or not. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Amelia and we hope to continue working with her for many more years. 

There are many stories like this with different clients who we get to be a small part of their story and get to see the major transformation that they have not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is so amazing to see someone’s confidence levels boost and hearing about how we have positively impacted their life. What we’re doing right now is the first 7 days for only $1 and you can donate to either the Safari Mission or the Prevent Cancer foundation. 

When you work with a Buford fitness coach, you will have a personal training experience like no other. You will get into the best shape of your life, be able to maintain it long term, without even having to think about it. You can do this with our Phoenix method and using our 3 pillars of health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability.

At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a 10+ experience. We want all of our clients to look forward to coming in for a workout with their Buford fitness coach every single day. We always make sure to greet our clients with a warm smile and high energy. This sets the tone for how the workout is going to go. We check in with each client at the end of their workout session and do what we call meal check ins. Every single client has a group chat with their personal trainer as well as Coach Placid and Coach Jordan.

In the group chats, that’s where the clients are required to send in pictures of all of their meals. We do this so that we can see what types of things they are eating and to see if they are following their custom meal plan correctly. Then after the workout, your Buford fitness coach will do your meal check ins and talk about what you are doing well and what you could improve on based on your custom meal plan.

When someone first comes in to meet with us for a free fitness assessment, they are blown away by the fact that we do this because we are not like any other personal training service. We have had some of the most amazing client success stories and some clients have worked with us since the day we opened.

One of our clients Susan is someone that is constantly worth bragging about. Susan has worked extremely hard for years and years and has even completely transformed her and her family’s lifestyle by showing them the value of taking care of your body and eating healthy. 

Her husband had endured some health problems and had to go use medication after suffering a mini stroke. After almost 3 years of working with us, he has now completely come off of his medication and looks 10 years younger with the amount of weight he has lost and muscle he has built.

When Susan first started working with us, her whole goal was to fit into this beautiful black dress she bought for her upcoming vacation to Italy. She was completely embarrassed when she tried the dress on and it did not fit with her trip being about 3 months away. By the time she was packing up for her Italy trip, she pulled the black dress back out and tried it on. It zipped right up and fit her like a glove. She was overwhelmed with joy. The amount of compliments she received not only from her family and friends, but from strangers on the street made her feel like she had never felt before about herself and her body.