When you hire a Buford Fitness coach, the first step is to determine what your fitness goals are and why you want to train. So that we can put together the right plan for you. All of your workouts are going to be custom tailored at Built Phoenix Strong personal training. They are not going to be generic workouts like what happens at most gyms. All of the workouts will be high intensity and tailored towards your Fitness goals. Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, we have the perfect workout plans for you.


On top of your workouts, we also have custom meal plans for you and weekly accountability meetings. The purpose of a weekly accountability meeting is to set small goals to win each week. If you don’t set small goals within a big goal, then you will never reach your initial goal.  This is why your Buford Fitness coach will meet with you and talk about what went well. They will also talk about your meal pictures and how your nutrition is going. We create group chats with all of our clients so they can send meal pictures daily. We need to keep track of the things they’re eating on the days they aren’t training.  There will be meal check-ins during the weekly accountability meetings as well. Your coach will go over what looks good about your meals and what doesn’t look good.


 This will help keep you on track to reaching your Fitness goals. We will check in with you daily to see how things are going. At other gyms, you only hear from your trainer during your workout sessions. we don’t do that here. you are going to hear from us every single day. We will meet at the end of every workout and talk about your nutrition. This is included with the weekly accountability meetings, but also happens after each workout. it just adds another level of accountability to our proven system.


Your Buford Fitness coach is going to provide a custom nutrition guide for you to help you reach your Fitness goals. The nutrition guide will be different if you are trying to lose weight or if you want to build muscle. You were trying to lose weight, then you would not be eating the same things for building muscle. We will have a series of meals for you to choose from based on things you like. We want to focus on having high protein options and low starchy carbs. 


These are healthy eating choices that you have with our custom meal plan. We also want to have healthy fats to help with energy. Healthy fats can be Olive oil, avocados, or nuts. These are just a few examples that we give you. Another main focus is portion control. We want all of the food to fit within the inner circle of our plates. This is called automatic portion control. These are just some of the things your coach will teach you when you work with us.