Working with a Buford Fitness coach does not have to just focus on weight loss. Our coaches can also help you build muscle and agility for your sport. Built Phoenix Strong has worked with several clients who are athletes in high school or college. We have also worked with clients from professional sports organizations as well. We have worked with the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and Atlanta Falcons. Our athletes range from football to volleyball to tennis. This is just a small sample of different athlete clients that we have worked with. 

We will not only train you for your sport to help with skills and speed, but also focus on sustainable habits. What this means is we will help you with a custom meal plan that focuses on fueling your body properly. Your Buford Fitness coach is also going to provide supplement advice and get you on track. Nutrition is extremely important when it comes to being a full-time athlete. This is one of the areas athletes struggle with. We will provide a custom meal plan that focuses on eating whole foods to fuel your body.

We can also provide different meal services that provide healthy food choices for you. Our clients like to use Clean Eatz  or Mega fit meals. Mega fit meals is actually the service who provides meals for the Atlanta Falcons. These meal services will focus on high protein and low carb options to help you with staying in shape. that will also help you with maintaining strength and muscle definition. Some of our athletes prefer a meal service because they are not good cooks. this will also take the thinking out of it for you. With having such a busy schedule as an athlete we want it to be easy and convenient for you.

Your workouts are going to be custom tailored based on your sport by your Buford Fitness coach. it is going to consist of strength training and Agility and speed training. We want to help you focus on your weaknesses with your sport. We want to make sure that you are able to improve and see results with whatever your goals are. Our trainers will help get you into the best shape of your life and maintain it to perform at a high level. This can be for a student in high school or it can even be for a professional athlete. it does not matter, we want to help anyone we can with their professional sport. We work with athletes from a variety of sports. It is not just going to be your basic basketball or football sports. 

We are here to help in any way we can. This is why we are the number one ranked gym in georgia. because we provide custom tailored plans for you based on your goals. this is not going to be just generic style workouts to keep you active and moving. These workouts are going to take it to the next level for you to be a successful athlete.

When you hire a Buford Fitness coach, you will be training in person with your coach. You also have the option to use our workout app to work out while you are traveling. If you do not decide to do virtual workouts with us while traveling, we can simply give you access to our app. There, your workout will be uploaded for you each day that you are away so you know what to do. The great part about it is there are actually videos that demonstrate each exercise for you to have proper form.


 Your Buford Fitness coach is going to make sure that your custom workout plan is uploaded to the app for you before you begin. We create custom workouts for all of our clients based on their Fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose 70 lb or build muscle, we have the perfect workout plan for you. We will make sure that it is custom tailored to your Fitness goals. It is not going to be those cookie cutter workouts like what happens at most gyms. Because those type of workouts are designed to keep you active and moving, but not actually reaching your fitness goals. 

We are also going to provide a custom meal plan for you. This is going to give you some freedom in what you eat, while still having you eat healthy. So that your nutrition is sustainable and you can keep your results forever. Your custom meal plan is going to vary if you were trying to lose weight rather than build muscle. For someone who is looking to lose weight, you are going to focus on high protein and low carb options. We only want you to eat carbs with either breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. You do not need to have carbs with every single meal. We are also going to teach you about automatic portion control. This means that your food is fitting within the inner circle of the plate. Automatic portion control helps you lose weight quicker and keep your results forever.


If you want to build muscle, your Buford Fitness coach is going to give you a meal plan. You want to make sure that you are getting enough protein daily in order to build muscle and see results. You will need to focus on having a copious amount of protein per day and carbs with every meal. The body needs the carbs for energy and protein will help you build lean muscle mass. We will also help you with having a protein recovery shake after each workout.

This is extremely important when you are trying to build muscle. Your body really has about 30 minutes after a workout to replenish everything that it just burned off. This is what we call the prime recovery mode. You really want to focus on getting your protein in order to see results. To schedule your free fitness assessment just call ht E number located on our website.