When you work with a Buford Fitness coach, your workouts can either be in person or virtual. That is one of the great things about working with us. We offer virtual training for our clients who travel a lot or live too far from the gym. If you live far away and want to work with us, we will provide a custom workout plan for you. The virtual training we offer is you and your trainer on a zoom call going through your workout. Your personal trainer is going to show you every single exercise before you begin your workout. All of the workouts are going to be custom tailored to your Fitness goals.

 This is one of our clients favorite things that we offer. Virtual training really took off for us during covid because we had to close down and people couldn’t come in. So we decided to create virtual workouts for our clients to stay on track. We had so much success with this. Some of our clients were even able to lose up to 70 lb through their virtual workouts.

If you travel a lot for work, then working with your Buford Fitness coach may be the perfect solution. This is to help you stay on track while you are traveling so that you are not missing your workouts. Whether you travel every week out of the month or occasionally, we can still offer virtual workouts for you. On top of the workouts, you are also going to have a custom meal plan provided for you. This is going to help teach you how to stay on track while traveling as well. Because we offer a restaurant guide which teaches you how to order your food at a restaurant. Because far too often when we go to a restaurant trying to be healthy we’ll order something like fish. But more times than not the fish is tossed in so much salt and butter that it’s unhealthy for you. This guide is going to fix that for you.

 We are also going to have your weekly accountability meetings as well even if you’re traveling. This is why we create group chats with all of our clients so that your Buford Fitness coach can see what you’re having while you’re traveling. We want to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you but still pushing you to reach your goals. 

When clients start working with us, they are initially turned away by virtual workouts. They do not understand exactly how it works and how we do things. When you think of virtual workouts you often think that your trainer is just sending you a workout. However, that is not the case here. We are going to send you a zoom link for every single virtual workout session. We will both hop on together and talk about your workout for the day. Your trainer is going to demonstrate each exercise for you and coach you through the session. Get results now with us.

When you work with a Buford Fitness coach, you are going to have an all-inclusive membership. What we mean by this is you are going to not only have workouts, but nutrition and accountability. You are going to have to send in meal pictures daily in your group chat with your trainer. This is so we can see what you are eating and if you are sticking to the plan. At the end of each workout, we will do daily meal check-ins with you.  You will be responsible for sending in your meal pictures and being accountable. Then, we will discuss this during your weekly accountability meeting.

 Your Buford Fitness coach is going to create a custom plan for you based on your Fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle. The all-inclusive membership is going to have the perfect plan for you. Each membership package is going to include nutrition and accountability. You can choose how many times per week you want to meet with your coach. This could be either two times a week or an unlimited amount each week. Your personal training sessions are going to take place each month. depending on your package, your sessions are going to expire at the end of the month.

All of your workouts are going to be tailored towards your Fitness goals. They are not going to be generic workouts like what happens at most gyms. because those keep you active and moving, but not actually reaching your goals. We will come up with the perfect plan for you to see results in your first four weeks together. On top of that, your Buford Fitness coach is going to include your custom meal plan for you. This is going to teach you how to properly fuel your body to see results. not just that, but keeping your results forever. This is how we teach sustainable results and lifestyle habits with our membership.

For weight loss, your meal plan is going to focus on high protein and low carbs. you want to have starchy carbohydrates with only two meals per day. for instance, you will have carbohydrates for breakfast and dinner. Then, your coach is going to tell you to switch it to breakfast and lunch the following month. Your body is going to go into a shock phase and the weight will fall off of you. As long as you stick to your meal plan, you will see results. The biggest struggle clients face is maintaining those results and not gaining weight back. This is why nutrition has to be sustainable and make sense for you. because you still have freedom in what you eat, but choosing healthy habits. 

Another pillar of Health that we include is accountability. We are going to have weekly accountability meetings with you to help keep you on track to your Fitness goals. These accountability meetings are going to take place in person with your coach. you are going to discuss your progress towards your goals.