If you hire a Roswell personal trainer, they will help you with your fitness journey. Everyone starts a fitness journey, but not many people finish it. Because they are not able to see results and become frustrated. But the first step for you as having the right plan. We create a success, roadmap here for all of our clients. This is the first thing we do when we meet with our clients. We want to make sure that you have specific fitness goals you want to reach.


We have an all inclusive membership here with your Roswell, personal trainer. This means you are going to have custom workouts, custom meal plan, and weekly accountability meetings. All of your workouts are going to be custom tailored to your fitness goals. We want your workouts to be affective so that you see results in your first month of working together. Our average client loses 17 pounds or 4% body fat in their first month of working together. This is because we do not provide cookie cutter workouts like what happens at most gems. Because those types of workouts, keep you active, but not actually reaching your fitness goals. It is simply just doing a random work out for that particular session with a trainer. We don’t do that here. 


We also provide a custom meal plan for each of our clients. This is to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition. When people start a fitness journey, they often struggle with knowing how to fuel their body properly. We are going to take the thinking out of it for them. This meal plan is easy to follow, yet nutritious and delicious. It is included for free with whichever membership package you choose. It is going to focus on having high protein options that are more lean and less fat. We also want to have starchy carbohydrates with at least two meals every day.