Buford, Georgia

The Buford Georgia Personal Training Method to Fitness Success – The Phoenix Method

The Phoenix Method is developed from three main pillars. Each of the three pillars of health are important but each are important in their own way because of any of the three pillars are missing, then it can lead to somebody not being able to see the changes that they want in their health and fitness or not being able to see the changes as quickly as they are capable of. The three pillars are Fitness, Nutrition, and accountability. We train our clients to get results, The way that we do this is by compound movements. Many times when people go to the gym they will spend hours on end during isolation movement speed issue with isolation move it’s as if you are not somebody that is already very lean isolation movements will make you feel the burn and feel like you’re working very hard that you will not lose weight and see the changes that you want because you are not already at the correct body fat. But when you do compound movements you burn the maximum amount of fat, and you also burn the maximum amount of calories in a shorter amount of time which leads to you burning fat and building muscle and being able to see the changes in your body that you want even quicker.

Training to Success in Buford, Georgia

Our clients come in three times a weekend 30-minute high-intensity sessions. the purpose of the high-intensity sessions is to be moving nonstop doing compound movements, cardio, and ab circuits in order to force your body to change to see results as quickly as possible. When this is done correctly or average client loses 20 lb in their first month. But it is important To be intentional about the workouts that you were doing. Many people going to the gym and they go about their workouts without a plan. Play sleep so wasted time and you aren’t sure if you’re doing the right exercises to get the specific change that you want. One thing that we pride ourselves on at built Phoenix strong is intention. We have a specific reason for every single exercise that we do at every single minute every single week in order to get results. Our CEO puts together the plan that’s going to make sure that there are no wasted movements during your workout. When you are not wasting movements during your workout you can guarantee that you’ll get results faster then if you were. The second pillar of health is nutrition. Many people tend to overcomplicate their nutrition. What you need to have is three full meals today. But you must be intentional about what is going into each and every single one of your meal. For example breakfast and we give our customers nutrition guide we give our clients a series of list and a series of meals. So for example with breakfast 1/3 we need to come from this list, and 1/3 from this list, and what there’s from the last list. This gives the client some freedom and what they eat while still having you eat healthy that you can achieve your health and wellness goals for personal training. This makes nutrition sustainable for our clients that when they lose their weight it does not come back. We also teach something called automatic portion control and this is great because it allows you to control how much you eat no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing that you’re always on track for your fitness goals. Many people struggle with overeating even if they are eating the right thing but when you learn our automatic portion control you can control your portion sizes in order to ensure that you get your changes and reach your goals. We give each client a free customized nutrition plan when they sign up at Built Phoenix Strong because we want to make sure that you reach your goals. This alone is a $300 value that we strive to include for free because we care about the client.

Built Phoenix Strong Clients Using the Phoenix Method Program

Because our clients are important to us at built Phoenix strong and this is why we are the highest rated and we have the most viewed personal trainer and all of Roswell and all these will be the same for Buford because he wants to make sure that people all over the world are able to get in shape and stay there long-term. He wants you to be able to have the body that you envision for yourself every time that you close your eyes. And the third pillar is going to be accountability. We have weekly and monthly accountability in getting set up with metrics with each and every client on a weekly basis in order to make sure you are staying on track to your goals. You go over what three wins you had over the past week as well as three goals that we have for you for the upcoming week so that you know what you did great at previously and you know what to work towards in the coming week. Our clients love these accountability meetings because it creates a true culture and family for you or you know that you are not alone in your health and wellness journey and my goal is to make sure that every single person that is in their weight loss or fitness journey knows that they are not alone and that Journey Begins With Us. The first step to joining the Phoenix family to schedule your free fitness assessment. We create this assessment for free because we want to see how we can help you if we can help you. From there we want to put together a custom-tailored success roadmap that is going to outline the steps that you need to go through on a day-to-day basis in order to achieve these goals that you have set out for yourself. Most people when they look back on their lives and they look back on when they were in shape and when they felt the best from many people this time was when they were playing sports. Not for many people and they stop playing sports they tend to lose their shape this change occurs within the first 5 to 10 years that you stop playing sports. And what I realize is that this occurs because when you’re playing sports your coach holds you accountable to the highest standard in regards to your Fitness provide your workouts for you they guide you through the workouts, they instruct you during the workouts and they make sure you are there and that they are tailored towards the goals that are set out for you. They also create nutrition for you, they give you planned meals, they design meal plans for you and many times even have nutritionists available to assist you. They certainly hold you accountable; many coaches even sit at the door with the clipboard to make sure that you are there and schedule weekly meetings with the players to make sure they’re on track. And as a result of this players and athletes tend to be in phenomenal shape and ready to play. This is the kind of culture that least want to bring back with Built Phoenix strong. He wants you to look and feel great again like you did when you’re playing sports. So what we do is we create a fitness assessment that I line the path to get you back to that body that you wants half or perhaps looking even better.