Roswell, Georgia

We offer all clients a free customized nutrition plan, custom tailored workouts, and sustainable accountability systems. You can try the phoenix system for just $1 by visiting our website and scheduling your FREE fitness assessment. Our vision is to be able to deliver health and wellness to people all over Georgia because we truly care about our clients. When you enroll you receive a success  roadmap that is completely tailored to getting your results in your health and fitness. We give each client an accountability meeting with metrics and these are performed on the weekly and monthly basis. During the first week in order to achieve your health and wellness. You will have your initial accountability meeting, and then we will provide you with accountability every single day. We Get this three pillar system installed into each person’s life so that they can reach their goals, look amazing again, fit into their clothes again.

This is what want for all of our clients to never have to go backward again to you before that even when they move to another state or no longer able to work with us are you able to maintain the results .One service we offer to clients is virtual training and this is very convenient for the clients when they move to another state or always on the go for work and are in hotels. During our virtual training session all you need is a laptop or phone enjoying their trainer for a life working. When virtual personal training session all you need is a wide space and a camera and our highly rated personal trainers will take care of the rest and put you on track to your results. When you schedule your free fitness assessment you will then meet with our CEO himself. During this time we will lay out the steps that we believe you to be taken order for you to achieve your goals. You’ll take the time to listen to you as the client and what goes you’re looking so accomplished and we will learn what might have been setting you back from achieving them up to this point.

We then together the action steps to get you there. Many gyms will not do accountability meetings with you instead outside of those 30 to 45 minutes with your trainer you typically do not hear from them again. This is not happening at our facility instead you hear from your personal trainer every single day cuz you want to make sure that you’re staying on track on the road to success. Those places will also not give you a nutrition guide for free in our program and order to ensure client success.

The next thing that we give our clients is one-on-one attention which is so important when working out. Many times people are working out in large groups these days and because the groups are so big many people get lost in the back and do not see the changes that they were looking for when you train at Phoenix strong after scheduling your free fitness assessment we’re going to make sure you get the one-on-one attention that you desire and need that will achieve here goes even faster than you originally planned for. This is why our Roswell location became the number one highest rated and most viewed personal trainer in the city. Our mission at Buford is to make sure that we serve the city and bring them the same end result that we bring to our other locations. Because at Built Phoenix strong you the client comes first. Our client first, results driven experience will become the pillar of your health and fitness moving forward and we can’t wait to meet you. Schedule your free fitness assessment with Team Phoenix today!

Reaching your health and wellness goals did not read see if they’re closed many people make it. When you work with a Roswell personal trainer you’re going to get the results that you want May begins with having the right plans going to get you to where you want to be. At the bills Phoenix strong we’re going to put together the plan is going to help you lose weight by combining our three pillars of Health. These are fundamental to you in reaching your Wellness goals with your workouts and your diets. The first pillar of Health and Wellness is Fitness.

We do 30 minute high intensity workouts to guide our clients to lose weight. Least 30 minute workouts are jam-packed and they begin with your court. Everything we do in life but it is getting out of a chair or going up the steps or waking up in the morning it begins with the court. So we start our workouts with 5 minutes of high-intensity core. The only does this strengthen your core but at least of your stomach looking better and developing as well because many people forget that the stomach is a muscle just like your by Sisters. African or we going to our dynamic warm up this is 3 minutes of high-intensity dynamic movements are going to warm the body up. But not only do they warm the body up but they help you with your Roswell personal trainer to burn fat because they are such high intensity compound movements but this is just a warm-up. When are you moving to the main event of the work out. This is where your Roswell personal trainer green tea for your workout plan that was created for you when you originally given your success Road left. It is 30 minutes are made of compound is because compound movements are going to work multiple muscles at the same time allow you to see more results. This is why are add weight loss client loses 20 lb of 4% body fat in their first month of training using the Phoenix method because I’m that did worse for losing weight, losing inches, building muscle, and seeing Visible Changes and getting rid of your belly.

The next to Live help that we have is nutrition we provide each client with a free customized nutrition plan when they are all in our program. This customize your plan is custom tailored towards you and your needs that your nutrition and you are able to keep this weight off long-term. Many people who will lose weight but then they gained the weight back because the way that they were eating to lose the weight was not sustainable. But when you work with us we set out to make a plan is going to make it never go backwards again. Our goal is to avoid the hamster only move forward in our goals and Prague the building our bodies into what he wanted to be.