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  • Built Phoenix Strong LLC

  • 1530 Old Alabama Road, Roswell, GA 30076 -770-906-4276

  • The undersigned (hereinafter called “client”) and the above-named Studio (“Studio”) do agree as follows: In consideration of the studio providing the client with its instruction program in exercise, facilities and equipment during the term of this agreement, the client agrees to pay the tuition and be bound by the provisions, rules and regulations and terms and conditions as provided below. The instruction program will be given during the next ____ months in accordance with the rules and regulations of the studio. The instruction program consists of a maximum of ____ sessions per week beginning ______ and expiring______. CLIENT’S (BUYER’S) RIGHT TO CANCEL If you wish to cancel this contract, you may cancel by delivering 30 day notice to the studio. The notice must say that you do not wish to be bound by the contract and must be delivered 30 days in advance. The notice must be delivered or mailed to the studio at the address shown above or via email.

    The client agrees to pay the following:
  • Number of Monthly payments:_______. Amount of each Monthly Payment:$_________. Monthly payments are to begin on _________,20_____ and are to be made on that day on each consecutive month directly payable to Built Phoenix Strong LLC until paid. A late charge of $ 15.00 will be due for any payment ten (10) days past due (“Grace Period”). A service charge of $25.00 will be assessed on any item presented for collection and returned for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, bank drafts, check and AUTOPAY transfers. Rules and regulations and terms and conditions as per back of agreement. I have read this agreement and understand that once it is signed by me it is a legally binding and enforceable obligation and I agree to comply with the provisions, terms and conditions set forth including my agreement to make the payments stated herein. Further, I give the studio permission to sell or assign this agreement to an attorney or collection firm for collection. I acknowledge I have received and reviewed a copy of the front and back of this agreement.
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  • To ensure the consistency of our enrollment programs, we have designed a checklist for the sales personnel. This will allow for any questions and concerns that you, the Customer, may have. PLEASE INITIAL THE FOLLOWING:
  • , understand the policies as they have been explained to me and agree to all payments in my behalf. I have received a copy of this contract and have reviewed the front and back.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Recurring Credit Card Payment Authorization

    You authorize regularly scheduled charges to your credit card. You will be charged the amount indicated below each billing period. A receipt for each payment will be provided to you and the charge will appear on your credit card statement. You agree that no prior-notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case you will receive notice from us at least 10 days prior to the payment being collected.

  • authorize Built Phoenix Strong, LLC to
  • Billing Information

  • I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing, and I agree to notify ________________ in writing of any changes in my account information or termination of this authorization at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. If the above noted payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payments may be executed on the next business day. I acknowledge that the origination of Credit Card transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. I certify that I am an authorized user of this Credit Card and will not dispute these scheduled transactions; so long as the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


The following rules and regulations are intended to make the studio a pleasant place for our clients, while permitting the studio to operate in an efficient and businesslike manner. All clients are bound by the rules and regulations in effect from time-to-time, including those regulating programs, classes and conditions of training.

  • SESSION ATTENDANCE– Clients are required to call within 24 hours of said appointment if client will not be attending a scheduled session or client forfeits said session.
  • DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER– Slander will NOT be tolerated and may result in dismissal without any type of reimbursement. Severity of action taken will be at the studio’s discretion.
  • ATTIRE– Proper attire is required of clients. Regulations for proper attire will be posted.
  • SESSIONS, FACILITIES AND INSTRUCTORS– Scheduling and content of sessions and programs and furnishing of facilities and instructors are at the sole discretion of the studio and may be changed from time-to-time upon notice by the studio. Studio agrees to furnish the client with qualified instructors to train and supervise sessions.
  • SUSPENSION/TERMINATION– The studio reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate any client from participation as a client or enjoyment of rights under this agreement for failure to comply with rules and regulations of the studio, its facility or clients. Suspension or termination of a client shall not entitle the client to a refund or credit for any tuition already paid or cancel any unpaid amount due for tuition.


  • CLIENT FITNESS– By signing this agreement, the client represents to the studio that he/she has had an opportunity to observe and participate in the program selected by the client prior to signing this agreement and that he/she is physically and mentally relieve or suspend the client’s obligation to make all payments required under this agreement on a timely basis nor entitle the client to a refund or credit of tuition.
  • UNAVAILABILITY– If the studio or its facilities are substantially unavailable for use due to damage or loss by fire, accident, act of God or any other cause, the client’s program will be extended for a period of time to equal the time of loss of availability, but no refund or credit will be due the client.
  • NON-CANCELLABLE– The client understands that after the expiration of the time within which the client has a right to cancel this agreement, the client cannot cancel this agreement and payments must be made as agreed.
  • LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE– The client understands and agrees that strict observation of the rules and regulations relative to training, including the use of protective equipment, is required and that the use of facilities and the client’s presence at the studio are at the sole risk of the client. It is understood and agreed by the client that training involves sudden movements from time-to-time and that in connection with the training and instruction sessions there will be physical contact between instructors and clients for safety and that certain exercise may result in personal injury despite the best intentions and following adequate precautions. The client agrees that the studio and its instructors agents, employees, operators and authorized representatives, shall not be responsible for and are hereby released from any liability, claim, loss, including loss of property, damage, personal injury, or expense incurred by a client or anyone claiming through a client, or related to any activity connected with the studio including, but not limited to, any caused by the negligence or gross negligence of the studio or its instructors, clients, agents, employees, operators or authorized representatives.
  • ATTENDANCE/CONTACT– Client understands that during the course of instruction, instructors of the studio will be engaged in a course of conduct requiring physical contact with the client and he/she gives full consent to such contact as is required by the training program and sessions.
  • HOLIDAYS– Classes/Sessions are not held on national or local holidays recognized by the studio.
  • CO-SIGNER OR PARENT/GUARDIAN– The person(s) signing this agreement as a co-signer or parent or guardian agrees to be jointly, severally and individually liable as if signing as the client.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS– All rights and obligations of the studio and client under this agreement are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. When in conflict of this agreement, the contents of such laws and regulations shall be deemed to expressly modify this agreement and the agreement shall be deemed reworded to incorporate such text as may be necessary in order to make this agreement in compliance with therewith. The studio and client agree to continue to be bound under the modified agreement including such text and further agree that no other modifications shall be deemed made to the agreement. If any portion of this agreement shall be deemed unenforceable, no other portion shall be unenforceable. Any waiver or delay by the studio in enforcing any right under this agreement will not be a waiver or release thereof.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF CLIENT– Upon acceptance of client at the studio client agrees to faithfully comply with the provisions, terms and conditions hereof, the rules and regulations of the studio and the traditions of exercise. Anything to the contrary contained herein notwithstanding, the following are additional terms and condition of this agreement and shall supersede any provision inconsistent therewith.
  • If the studio temporarily closes for 30 days or less, the client shall receive and extension of the course term equal to the period during which the studio is closed.
  • The client may extend the term of the agreement at no additional cost for a period of time equal to the duration of a disability where the client has a disability which precludes the client from using one-third or more of the facilities for a period of less than 6 months and the disability is verified by a physician.
  • The client or his legal representative may cancel the agreement if the client dies or becomes permanently disabled. A permanent disability means a condition which precludes the client from using one-third or more of the facilities for 6 months or more and the condition is verified by a physician.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY – Once this agreement is complete, Client may cancel the auto renewal.  Client must give a cancellation in writing at least 30 days prior to the scheduled monthly debit date on the front of this agreement.  Cancellation requests received after this deadline will be charged in full for the next month’s services.  Please note, even if Client notifies the trainer/instructor, Client is still required to submit a written notice to cancel this auto renewal.  Such letter will serve as Client’s cancellation receipt.  If for any reason the training package is cancelled before it’s completion date, half of the remaining balance shall become due and will be debited from Client’s payment account immediately.  In no event will the collected reimbursement fee exceed the total remaining balance due under this agreement. The training package will automatically renew at the same preferred rate, on a month-to-month basis and will be considered active until such program has been cancelled as provided for in this cancellation policy.


  • fit to take sessions offered by the studio in that program or any others selected by the client.
  • NON-USE- The failure or inability of the student to use the facilities, sessions or services of the studio for any reason, will neither