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Built Phoenix Strong has the ultimate goal of delivering sustainable health and fitness to people all over the world. A majority of gyms refuse to go the extra mile and deliver accountability and sustainable nutrition to their clients. This plays a key role in being able to maintain optimal health long term. Built Phoenix Strong aims to combat this trend by opening more facilities and help more people reach their desired Heath and wellness goals with the help of the highest rated personal trainers and fitness coaches. If you are a personal trainer that has been looking for a way to deliver sustainable results to clients while proving a stream of income we encourage you to open a Built Phoenix Strong. 

Opening a Built Phoenix Strong Personal Training facility is a win win situation for any entrepreneur or fitness professional. Opening your own Built Phoenix Strong will allow a person to transform lives while creating financial freedom and time freedom. CEO, Placid Ajoku II has built a simple system that simply works. Many trainers look to start their own gym but have no idea how to run the gym, how to generate leads, or how to sell. As a result instead of starting a business they end up buy themselves a high paying job and having even less free time than they did before. Our proven system takes all of the thinking out of it. After training over 3,000 clients Placid Ajoku, Built Phoenix Strong Personal Training CEO, developed all the systems, checklists, and knowledge that is needed to run a successful personal training business.

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Gain Time and Financial Freedom to Own Your Own Business 


Lead generation is the most difficult thing for gym owners and personal trainers. Many do not know which methods to use or which are going to be most effective for their specific market. Built Phoenix Strong has a proven lead generation process and provides lead generation services to all Built Phoenix Strong owners. Meaning you never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from or how to find them. 




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The Phoenix Method is the foundational program that has changed the lives of thousands and guided them towards a lifetime of healthy habits and visible results and a healthier version of themself. As an owner of a Built Phoenix Strong you will go through extensive training on the Phoenix method. During this training you will master our 3 pillars of health. The 3 pillars of health are fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Each pillar play a pivotal role in Built Phoenix Strong’s mission to provide visible and sustainable results to all clients. Pillar number one is fitness. We provide the necessary blueprint work out plan based on each clients desired goals. We then custom tailor a plan to that client so that they see results as quickly as possible. With our fitness plan we strive to over deliver to every customer. If a client is expecting to lose 20 lbs in 3 months, we put together a plan to ensure that they lose it in one month. These plans are developed by our CEO Placid Ajoku. He is equipped to do this having delivered results to people in just about every situation or background you can think of with a 96% success rate with his tailored plans. As an owner you do not have to develop the plans. Team Phoenix provided them for you as well as training you on the plan and how to deliver it most effectively. 

Pillar number two is nutrition and is something that a majorly of gyms do incorrectly. At Built Phoenix Strong we provide our clients with a free customized nutrition plan upon signing up. This nutrition plan is a guide that is not just going to deliver fast results, but will make nutrition sustainable for clients so that they are able to keep their changes long term. As a Built Phoenix Strong owner it is important to go the extra mile with every thing we offer to clients. Because our clients come first and this applies to nutrition as well. A majority of gyms do not offer nutrition plans to their clients. And many of the gyms that do charge an extra fee for that. Built Phoenix Strong includes a custom tailored nutrition plan for free to each client depending on what their desired goals are, and what their current situation is. It is important to tailor this to each client so that it is not too restrict because when a plan is too restrictive it is not sustainable for long term results. It is simple for a gym to merely create a very strict, calorie counting, juice heavy diet. A plan like this can help someone lose a large amount of weight very quickly. However this is not. True change, because muscle memory is at work behind the scenes. So when the person completes the diet plan and goes back to their regular eating muscle memory kicks in and their body reverts back to what it used to look like. CEO, Placid Ajoku combatted this by designed customized nutrition guides. The beauty of this guide is not only does it deliver results but it teaches a clients how to eat as well. Therefore a client can have results whether they are currently a Built Phoenix Strong client or not. We teach this nutritional process to our Built Phoenix Strong owners so that you the owner can focus on delivering state of the art results to all clients instead of recreating the wheel. The proven Phoenix system will allow you to deliver health and wellness to all kinds of people in need and create a business for you and your family. At Built Phoenix Strong we strive to be a family in all aspects and set up our owners, employees, and clients for long term success. Many envision the American Dream but do not know where to begin. Built Phoenix Strong provides the bridge for you to love the American Dream and own your own personal training business for an affordable start up cost price.