When it comes to health and fitness it is very important that a plan is being followed at all times. A true plan in regards to getting in shape is going to come from Three Pillars of Health. The three most important pillars of Health are Fitness, Nutrition, and accountability. In order to have success with these steps it is important that you work with a Roswell Fitness coach so that a plan is outlined for you. Once this plan is outline it is important that you go step by step and improve by 1% each day. 


When you come to build Phoenix strong and you hire a personal trainer to help you as your Roswell Fitness coach it is important that you are eating the right things. A good meal is going to consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats. The first step to eating correctly is understanding what the correct portion is. I recommend that you have 1/3 protein in your breakfast. This allows you to build lean muscle without overdoing the grams of protein for the meal. Protein allows you to make sure that your body is nice lean and toned as opposed to flabby. Many times people will do a low protein diet and high carbohydrates. When you do a high-carbohydrate diet at least your body becoming flabby because you are unable to build new muscle from protein. This is out line for you and working with your Roswell Fitness coach because we will put together a plan that is going to show you exactly what they have in each meal.


 For your first month as a built Phoenix strong client it is important that you do not have any carbohydrates with your lunch. For lunch you need to have lean protein as well as fibrous vegetables. The reason fibrous vegetables are important is because our body is composed of good fats and bad fats. When we have a bad meal that back to your heart is in our stomach and this causes the formation of the gut. Many people do not want to have a gut so they need to have fibrous Foods in order to force the stomach to flatten and Shrink. You work with your trainer you will do core and add exercises that are going to force the stomach muscles to flatten and activate. When it comes to working your core it is important that you do intentional exercises. If you do random exercises that are not targeted towards a specific goal then you will look up 3 weeks later and there will be no changes. One of the best core exercises is alternating toe touches superset with Russian twist.


 1/3 meal is dinner and this is a very important meal D cuz you are allowed to bring back the car. Skipping meals is not productive towards reaching your goals. If you eat 3 full meals a day and are intentional about these meals then 20 pounds can be lost within two months. But your Roswell Fitness coach needs to hold you accountable to losing this weight by creating a success roadmap. A success row map is custom tailored towards each client so that they know exactly where they are currently at and where they need to go. Without a mat it is like walking in the desert and you are unaware of where you’re trying to go. 


The three steps to success are all equally important because your Roswell Fitness coach is going to hold you accountable to all three. With Fitness being the first step this means that a person needs to come into the gym and work out in order to see results. If you simply eat well and are held accountable you will not see results. Because your body will not be doing the exercises in the work to build muscle and promote lean mass. The same goes for if a person were to work out but not eat appropriately. Now you are doing the exercises to build muscle however you’re not feeling the inappropriate manner. That’s built Phoenix strong personal training we are going to make sure that you are doing each of the three steps correctly so that you can have results in your health and wellness.


 Accountability is the key to success. Many people that are looking to lose weight, or build muscle black accountability. This is because they are working out and they’re eating appropriately but when life gets in the way they fall off course. The easiest way to not fall off horses to have a third-party individual that is holding you accountable to the plan that is set in place. For example if you go to a restaurant it is important that you know exactly what to eat at that restaurant. If you need to be working out 3 days a week is important that somebody is calling you daily to remind you that you need to be in the gym. If you do not show up to work out at trainer needs to call you and find out why you did not come to your work out. This is so that you can remain on track to reaching your goals of losing weight and building muscle. 


When you are a personal training client at built Phoenix strong we will make sure that you have weekly accountability meetings with a certified Roswell fitness coach. These accountability meetings are going to take place each week on Thursday. During an accountability meeting 6 important things are covered. The first three that are covered are the three wins that were noticed over the last seven days. The next three things covered are the three goals that we have set for you to accomplish within the next seven days. If you can achieve these three small goals over the next week you will always be on track to your results. This is why so many of our clients have results so quickly. But in order to do this you have to listen to what your trainer is telling you and you have to show up. Sending you a link to an accountability beginning is not enough you must come to the meeting and be intentional.