To reach your weight loss goals it is important that you build healthy habits this is so that the things you do today also allow you to be successful tomorrow and the next day. but Macy successful now if you can do it for 21 days it then becomes a habit and you’re able to do it for years and years. this is how you become healthy not just short term but all so long term from learning the tricks of Health and Wellness from your Roswell Fitness coach. this is why many of our clients lose 20 pounds or 4% body fat in their first month of exercising with us because he put together a plan that’s going to allow them to be healthy both now and forever. but in order to do this it’s one thing to have a plan that’s another thing to follow the plan so it is important that our clients follow the plans that we give to them. Your Roswell Fitness coach is going to put together step by step plan in action that you need to do this week in order to set yourself up for success. but in order to make sure that you do this we are going to hold you accountable. this is what we call our third pillar of Health accountability because if we were meant to do this by ourselves everybody so it’s important that we have that extra year speaking to us so that we follow the steps we need to for weight loss. so working out needs to be 30 to 45 minutes many people get this wrong I think they need to be in the gym for 4 hours in order to look good you can get top results just being in the gym 30 to 45 minutes. but the average person goes into the gym for 30 minutes they will spend 20 of those minutes wondering what to do. in order to have a successful 30 minute workout they’re already needs to be a plan in place waiting for you when you walk in the door. this is why it’s good to have a Roswell Fitness coach because when you come into the door that’s built Phoenix strong but you’ll start right into your workout the second you walk in. it’s going to start with the dynamic one of that is going to not only help you not get injured but it’s going to warm your body up prepare you for exercise. from there we’re going to go into course that you can have a nice flat stomach and have the results you want and have your inches falling off the waist and clothes fitting better. then we’ll go into the main event of the workout which is going to be composed of compound exercises that are going to work multiple muscles at the same time that you bring the maximum amount of fat in the maximum amount of calories before you know that you’ve done over 12 supersets and 30 minutes of flown by and you Burns over 500 calories and this is why our clients have us as the highest rated trainer and all of fulton. 

Roswell fitness coach | How to lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks

It is very possible to lose 20 lb in the next 3 to 4 weeks but in order to do that you have to have a plan that is set up for you to lose weight. anytime people begin their weight loss Journey without a plan. so they stick to their routine for about a week or so but then after that they don’t know which direction to go. having a Roswell Fitness coach is the first step to you losing 20 lb because we are going to put together a success roadmap that is going to take you down the weight loss Journey that’s going to lead you to the results that you were originally looking for. many of our clients come in looking at least 20 lb but end up losing 30 to 40 lb that they needed to lose but did not believe was possible. and the way to do this is simply by having a plan. far too often people going to the gym and they do not have a plan so they waste countless time and countless exercises by pairing the wrong workouts together in the wrong exercises together but your Built phoenix strong personal trainer can do all this for you. this will put your health and wellness on autopilot because all you have to do is show up and you’re trying to take care of the rest. you’ll also put together a custom nutrition plan. these meal plans are going to give you a series of listen a series of meals. for example lunch 1/3 will need to come from this list and so on and so forth this gives you the client some freedom of what you are eating but it also allows you to stay on track by only eating healthy foods that are going to align with your goals. this again is part of the autopilot system that allows you to reach your goals without thinking about it. you simply follow the list that is in front of you you will reach your goals. you simply show up to your accountability meetings you will reach your goals. if you train with your Roswell Fitness coach two to four times a week you will lose 20 pounds in the next 3 weeks. but in order to begin losing weight you need to First schedule your free finish assessment this is no obligation to you you simply come into one of our locations and you’ll be greeted at the door. when you come to the door we are going to show you exactly where you are at and what we think needs to be done in order to help you reach your goals. many times people realize they were completely wrong about what they needed to be doing for example they were not having any carbs in their meals. Times actually very important because carbs are allow you to maintain the muscle that you currently have while protein allows you to build new muscle. if you do not have carbs but you’re getting protein and working out you’re just simply replacing the muscle you had and you’re never building anything new. this can be very confusing but when you sit down with a Roswell Fitness coach we’ll show you exactly what this means and exactly how to avoid it so that you’re always successful.