One of the best compliments a Roswell Fitness coach could receive from one of their clients is they are extremely knowledgeable and professional. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we strive to be the best of the best. We want all of our clients to feel extremely welcomed and respected. We want to be known as knowledgeable coaches. 

We always want to make sure that we are providing a 10+ experience for our clients when they come into the gym and are ready to work out. What we do here is we use our three pillars of health. Fitness, nutrition, and accountability are pivotal to good health. Your Roswell Fitness coach is going to implement these systems into your life and it’s going to get you your results. We are not one of those personal training Studios that has a bunch of personal trainers. Most gyms have staff that only meet bare minimum requirements and prerequisites. We like to hold ourselves to a different standard than other gyms.

It starts with our Founder and CEO, Coach Placid. He has actually won best personal trainer in all of Fulton County this year. He has also been featured in Smyrna Vinings lifestyle magazine. The way he does things is very different from any other personal training service. He created the success roadmap, which includes our three pillars of health. Your Roswell Fitness coach is going to take everything they learned from Coach Placid and help you reach your fitness goals. With our team you will be able to maintain your results forever.  Our clients are blown away by the energy we give off every single day when working with us. We always greet our clients with a warm smile and high energy. Coach Placid is very big on always being high energy and taking over a room when you walk in.

 Being a Roswell Fitness coach at Built Phoenix Strong is an extreme privilege and accomplishment to work there. Coach Placid doesn’t just hire anyone. He holds a weekly interview and handpicks who he wants to be on his personal training staff. To help clients reach their fitness goals and maintain the standard he has set for this company. For example, we have worked with clients from the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and Atlanta Falcons.  This is because word has spread around Atlanta about the success and results that you will see when working with us. Most clients come to us because they may have been looking for a personal trainer for a while. However they have not actually seen any results.

 On average, our clients see results in as little as their first four weeks of working with us.  We like to offer one-on-one personal training. This is to assure that our clients are getting the attention they deserve but the fitness family is on their side. Because these days at other gyms, there is no privacy. people are working out in big groups, leaving you lost in the pack, and seeing little changes.  This makes someone become very frustrated because personal training is a luxury service. They are paying for a service in order to see results. When you work with us, I can guarantee you you will see results. We will add more value to this service than you have ever seen before. 

When you begin working with a Roswell Fitness coach, you will learn about one of our most important pillars of health. Nutrition is extremely important when it comes to getting into shape and reaching your Fitness goals. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we provide a customized nutrition guide for you. This is great because it gives you very fast results, but more importantly it allows you to maintain those results long-term. It is a $300 value that is included for free in the program. 

On top of that, we also provide a restaurant how to eat out guide as a freebie for becoming one of our new members. This restaurant guide teaches you how to order your food at a restaurant so that it’s healthy for you. You know far too often when we go out to eat at a restaurant and we’re trying to be healthy. We will order the fish thinking that it’s healthy. More times than not, that fish is tossed in so much salt and butter. Once it gets to your table it is no different than eating  McDonald’s. Our restaurant guide is going to fix all of these problems for you. It is also going to help you with controlling your portions at restaurants. Because far too often when we go to a restaurant the portions are extremely large. Often times they are too much food for you to have for one meal.

This is probably one of the biggest problems we have in the United States. The reason why people are struggling to lose weight. It is because of the extremely large portions that are given to you at restaurants. And even these days at fast food places. The ideal portion size is fitting all of your food within the inner circle of the plate. Your Roswell Fitness coach is going to provide examples for you and show you the ideal plate that we prefer you to eat off of. It is very simple to follow this Inner Circle plate method. This is because every plate has an inner circle in an outer circle. We want all of the food to fit nicely within the Inner Circle. So that we know your portions are not too big or too small.

Another tip that your Roswell Fitness coach will give you is about snacking. When we first meet with a new client of ours they mention snacking. This is becoming more of their everyday eating routine especially those who work from home. Because so many people work from home these days. We noticed that a lot of our clients were snacking so much. By the time it was time for dinner, they were not even hungry because of the amount of snacks. The biggest thing about snacks is they are simply snacks. snacks are not supposed to be the size of a full meal. It should be no more than the size of the palm of your hand. For instance, you should not have a bowl of popcorn. You should instead have a popcorn amount that is the same as the palm of your hand. This assures that you are not overeating and your snack is not becoming a full meal. This will make you full and not want to eat dinner.