Getting back into shape with a Roswell fitness coach is one of the best decisions you will ever make. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we are the top gym in Georgia and have the top personal trainer in all of Fulton County. Because the way we do things is very different from any other personal training service. We will help get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain it long term, without even having to think about it. 

But the way we do this is very different from any other personal training service. We use our 3 pillars of health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability. Your Roswell fitness coach is going to implement these systems into your life and it’s going to get you your results. So why train with us? Because we want you to reach your fitness goals. Our average client loses 17 lbs or 4% body fat in their first month just training 3 days a week. Our clients also report an increase in energy within their first 10 days.

When you want to get into shape and lose weight, the first step for you is having the right plan. Think of it like this. If you were painting a picture of the human body and you were following a plan, you would probably start with the head, then draw the neck, the shoulders, arms and by the time you got down to the feet, you’d be left with a beautiful picture because you followed a plan. 

Whereas if you didn’t have a plan, it’d be like drawing a head, then a foot, an arm, and you’d throw in an ear and have this jumbled up picture, get frustrated, crumble it up, and start all over. So the first step for you is having the right plan. What we do at Built Phoenix Strong is combine our 3 pillars of health. Fitness, nutrition, and accountability. This is how we are able to teach lifestyle habits and sustainable results. We provide a customized nutrition guide for you, which is great because it gives you very fast results but more importantly allows you to maintain those results long term. 

When you first start working with your Roswell fitness coach, we will actually set up a nutrition meeting with you to go over your customized nutrition guide with you so that it makes more sense. We want to explain the kinds of things you should eat so that it sets you up for success. The great thing about our nutrition guide is it still gives you some freedom in what you eat, while still having you eat healthy so that your nutrition is sustainable and you can keep your results forever. 

After your nutrition meeting, you will start sending in your meal pictures in the group chat that we created with you and your personal trainer. This is where another level of accountability comes in because it holds you accountable even on the days you aren’t meeting with your personal trainer. At other gyms, you only communicate with your personal trainer when it’s time to schedule your next session.

When you work with a Roswell fitness coach at Built Phoenix Strong personal training, you will get into the best shape of your life without even having to think about it. That is the biggest problem people face when it comes to working out is they know they want to start working out, but they have no idea what to do in the gym or at home. We will take all the thinking out of it for you but still make it fun. We also want you to be able to maintain your results forever, which is why we teach you all about lifestyle habits or sustainable results. 

Our customized nutrition guide is great because it’s going to give you very fast results, but more importantly allow you to maintain those results long term. It is worth $300, but is included for free in our program. On top of that, your Roswell fitness coach is going to have weekly accountability meetings and meal check-ins with you where you send in photos of all your meals in the group chat that we create when you first become a client with us at Built Phoenix Strong. By having clients send us meal pictures, this adds an extra level of accountability and clients are blown away by the fact we do this.

Because at other gyms, there is no accountability. You won’t hear from a personal trainer at other gyms until it’s time to schedule your next workout. We don’t do that here, Coach Placid hates that. You are going to hear from your Roswell fitness coach every single day. When clients do not respond to us or do not send in their meal pictures, we will continue to stay on top of them and try to figure out what’s getting in the way of being able to send in meal pictures and snap a quick photo of your food before you eat. 

One of our clients, Sheniqua, is always on top of her meal pictures and I know I can always count on her to send them every single day. Sheniqua loved the fact that we offer 1-on-1 personal training when she first met with us and that was exactly what she was looking for. She also loved how we described our 3 pillars of health as the triangle to success. Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability. She really noticed when you put all three of these things together you really will have success and reach your fitness goals. 

Sheniqua has been working with us for several months now and she is extremely happy with her results. She is down 40 lbs and 3.5 dress sizes! She said this has completely become part of her lifestyle and she will never turn back. When she first became a client at Built Phoenix Strong, she didn’t know anything about nutrition and eating healthy. We taught her the nutrition guide and she said she can really tell a difference from the days when she’s following the nutrition guide and the days she’s not due to stress or work and things like that.

Are you ready to become our next client success story? We would love to meet with you today for a free fitness assessment so give us a call now. Join Team Phoenix!