One of the most important things your Roswell Fitness coach will teach you from the beginning is all about automatic portion control. You may be wondering what automatic portion control means. This means that all of your food fits within the inner circle of the plate. Far too often when we meet with clients for the first time, the biggest reason they are struggling to lose weight or reach their fitness goals is because their portions are too large. This is also the problem with America right now because when you go out to eat at restaurants, you will notice the portions are extremely large for one person to eat in one sitting.

 At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we will quickly provide the solution for you with our custom nutrition guide. You will meet with Coach Jordan and talk all about your nutrition. Our nutrition guide will give you some freedom in what you eat, while still having you eat healthy. This makes your nutrition sustainable and you can keep your results forever. For example, you will have a series of lists and meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our clients love that we still give them some freedom in what they eat. Imagine if we said to eat chicken & broccoli everyday and you hate it. That is not going to set them up for success because they are less likely to follow the meal plan.

 When working with a Roswell Fitness coach, we want to take the thinking away for our clients. Whether that be with the workouts or with the nutrition and knowing what to eat and when to eat. That is why we hold these weekly accountability meetings so that we can check in on all of our clients. It is essential to see what kinds of things they are eating and if they are following their meal plan. During the accountability meetings, we like to pull up the group chat and go over the meal pictures. The reason we tell our clients to send us mail pictures is so we can see things they are eating. Especially on the days they are not working out with us. We do not want anyone falling off track and we want to constantly remind our clients of their fitness goals. Most importantly, the reason they came to us in the first place. 

On top of the nutrition guide, your Roswell Fitness coach is also going to provide a restaurant guide. This guide is going to teach you how to order your food at a restaurant so it’s healthy for you. Because far too often we’ll go to a restaurant trying to be healthy and will order something like fish. More times than not, that fish is tossed in so much salt and butter it’s like eating fast food. This restaurant guide is going to fix that problem for you. It is also going to again teach you about automatic portion control and how to portion out the food.

When you work with a Roswell Fitness coach, you will get into the best shape of your life, be able to maintain it long-term, without even having to think about it. You will quickly learn about the importance of our three pillars of health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability.  It is extremely important to be able to implement these systems into your life in order to reach your Fitness goals.

The first step for you is having the right plan. At Built Phoenix Strong personal training, we will use our three pillars of Health to help you reach your fitness goals and be able to maintain them forever. But the way that we do this is very different from any other personal training service. We are going to provide a success roadmap for you to get you started on your fitness journey and learn about building healthy habits in order to create sustainable results. 

So why work with a Roswell Fitness coach? because they want you to reach your Fitness goals. On average, our clients lose 20 lb in their first month of working with us so we will definitely be able to help you reach your Fitness goals. We are going to provide a success roadmap for you, which is the plan we were just talking about. this is going to be a custom tailored fitness plan with step by step processes to your results. it is not going to be those cookie cutter workouts like what happens at other gyms to just keep you active and moving during your workout session, but not actually reaching your specific fitness goals or ever really seeing physical results.

 The second thing is accountability. We are going to have weekly accountability meetings with you so that we can help you stay on track to reaching your Fitness goals. It is extremely important to monitor your progress when you are working with a Roswell Fitness coach so that you know which areas you still need to improve on whether it be your nutrition or it needs to be adjusting your workouts and how much weight you are using.  These accountability meetings are extremely valuable to our clients because no other gym does this type of accountability meeting with their clients.

At other gyms, there is no accountability. Outside of that workout session with the personal trainer, you won’t hear from them again until it’s time for your next workout session. We don’t do that here, Coach Placid hates that. You are going to hear from us every single day, no matter if you are training that day or not.

The next pillar of health is nutrition. We are going to provide a customized nutrition guide for you, which is great because it gives you very fast results but more importantly it allows you to maintain those results long term. Our nutrition guide is worth $300, but is included for free in our program. This is going to provide a series of lists in a series of meals from you to choose from that are going to focus on having high protein choices with low carb options. We also like to teach you about what is known as automatic portion control. automatic portion control is ensuring that the food fits within the inner circle of the plate. By doing so, you will have the perfect portion size and you will no longer be overeating or eating too large portions, which is the biggest reason people struggle to lose weight.