Looking for Buford personal training? well then look no further than built Phoenix strong even if you’re wondering what is the build Phoenix strong philosophy philosophy combines the three main pillars of health fitness nutrition and accountability. Combination of the three that only allows our clients to see results but also keeps those results compounding long-term to achieve all of their health goals. After years of study, the founder coach noticed that a large majority of people in the personal training business would like at least one of these three key pillars. We can’t wait for you to join our team

With many Buford personal training they include two or even just one of those key pillars of health. Without the third pillar client side of the circle to hear results or they get results and cannot keep those results in the long term. Many people prefer this as the yo-yo effect or also yo-yo dieting which is easily observed with many fat diets that people will try but once they receive the results and quit the date, they quickly return to their former habits and quickly return to their former state of unhealthy living. We would love to help you reach your health

Because Buford personal training implements 3 of the key pillars of health we have seen hundreds of people continue on the path as they build discipline and fitness nutrition and especially with accountability. This is the beginning we strive to be a permanent solution for all of your Health goals. This is why we take the time to interview each and every prospect to be positive that we are a great fit for a customer and that you are a great fit for us as well. Or the ideal client would be ready to change. We can’t wait to change your life through our excellent training.

and it will come with the understanding that if any of the three pillars of health are missing from their life, it will be increasingly difficult for them to succeed as well as even in the short term an average our clients lose 15 pounds of fat or press 4% of their body fat in the first month training only three days a week. On top of that almost 10 out of 10 of every one of our clients has reported an increase in energy within 10 days of training with us. We give our clients a tailored customized roadmap.

To schedule a fitness assessment And get your life on a path of excellence and overflowing help, You can easily go to our website where you can fill out the form to schedule your Fitness assessment. Once you get our email or call from Alaska weather we can schedule a fitness assessment to see if you would be a great fit and how best serve you in your health and fitness goals. And also give us a call on the phone or we can quickly answer any questions you may have or to schedule your fitness assessment or to schedule your fitness assessment over the 877-240-0469.

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We here at Buford personal training strive for excellence with all of our clients. Coach Placid has created an excellent step-by-step plan for each of our clients as well as cultivating a culture of excellence with all of his personal trainers. We stand for another principle that the hospital built on the Port foundation will always collapse. I have been inspired to teach each and every client how to reach their goals fast still in the fundamentals of the through pillows of health that being nutrition fitness and something else, along with portion control and efficient work out design and sustainability so you can become an unstoppable you.

Our founder coach Placid, Buford personal training, began his fitness journey as a skinny freshman high school looking for strategies and workouts to best improve his fitness. He went from 146 pounds to 228 pounds just two years ago and since that point he has been inspired to help others change their bodies as well. Graduated from Lenoir Rhyne University with a bachelors in health and exercises. Shortly after that he got his personal training certification through an ASM. He had a plain career with the New York Jets and after that ran in the NFL he went to James Madison University, a good school!

He won the division one national championship, and started his first year as a coach after coaching wanted to begin his personal coaching business with Buford Personal Training. It’s also a good point to make that the first player that he personally coached got signed to the Washington Redskins. A couple aspects of his prior professional football career that influenced his personal training methods have been repetition and consistency. He’s found that when he thinks the right way over and over and over, it leads to big wins and big plays. The same thing can be applied to health and fitness.

Along with a step by step plan to lead them to the results that they wanted we have a weekly and monthly account to be at accountability meetings with each of our clients with a full set of metrics to make sure that you are on track to achieve your goals we also include a nutrition plan that has been proven and will give fast results and allow you to keep your new found healthy habits forever which is usually $300 value by itself. Are you sure that you’ll get one on one attention? What’s your bed? That’s all that we have for her.

Are you ready to get started on the road to personal health and fitness freedom? Well simply go to our website at https://builtphoenixstrong.org/ where you can schedule your fitness assessment or we will see if you are the right fit for us and if we can help you in any way. If you happen to have any other questions About any of our training programs or potentially about our nutritional programs that we also offer, feel free to give us a call at 877-240-0469 or we would happy to answer all of your questions to you we have