People get so excited when they see the number on the scale go down and down until one day, they notice it has not changed at all. Some days, it actually increases a little and then other days it has not moved in what seems like weeks. You are starting to wonder when am I going to lose more pounds? Why is the scale not moving? You are probably experiencing what is known as a plateau. This is where you are not really seeing many improvements or noticing any changes. With the help of Buford personal training, we can help you avoid hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey. We never want our clients to experience this feeling and start to question if this is all worth it or not.

Personal training is a huge investment because it is considered a luxury service and we want to ensure that our clients know they are our number one priority and we make them feel that way every day, inside and outside the gym. The key to avoid hitting a plateau with working out and your weight loss journey is using Buford personal training and their three pillars of health, which includes fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Fitness involves working out with your fitness coach two to three times per week. This is compiled of thirty minute, high intensity workout with several different compound exercises, cardio, and core exercises. Buford personal training has some of the top fitness coaches in the state of Georgia who are full of energy, extremely professional, and are certified personal trainers. The fitness coaches at Built Phoenix Strong require the clients to send them pictures of the foods they are eating in a group message with their coach for every single meal to ensure they are eating the proper foods that follow along with the nutrition guide we provide for our clients. When you are hitting a plateau, that is probably because you have not changed anything in your routine and just keep repeating the same exercises.

It is important that you change the exercises you are doing because your body will just become acclimated with what you are doing and that is why you will suddenly notice little to no change and have a hard time reaching your health and fitness goals. The biggest reason our clients have not hit a plateau or can avoid that is because of probably the most important pillar of health, accountability. We take accountability very seriously at Built Phoenix Strong. As I mentioned before, we create a group message with all of our clients between them and their trainer to communicate when they are not working out that day. We also hold weekly accountability meetings with each client to make sure they are getting everything they want out of their training experience with us. We ask them if there’s anything they would like to change, we talk about their wins for the week, where they are at with their fitness journey, and what meals they had that week that looked good.

Does The Buford Personal Training Help You Out?


We all have something about our bodies that we do not like or try to avoid looking at in the mirror. If this is you and you want to know how to lose weight, then you need to research Buford personal training. We are the number one rated and most reviewed fitness studio in Buford. At Built Phoenix Strong, we abide by our three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. We create and design workout plans for every single client of ours and tailor it to their needs. We use several different compound exercises that target several different muscle groups all at the same time to burn extra calories and more fat.

The most important factor when trying to lose weight is nutrition. You can workout all you want, seven days a week, but if your diet is not healthy and you are not replenishing your body with the foods it needs, you are only going to hold yourself back. Every single one of our clients is required to have a group message with their fitness coach and upload pictures of what they eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. This brings me to the accountability aspect. By requiring our clients to send meal pictures, that takes accountability to the next level. On top of that, we meet with each of our clients every single week to check in with them and see where they are at with their fitness journey. Buford personal training prioritizes each of their clients and wants to help them reach their health and fitness goals. During the accountability meetings that take place weekly, our coaches talk about what the client did really well that week and what else they need to work on. Whether that be having smaller portions with their meals or holding the plank for a little bit longer than they did the week before. It is so important to make sure we hold our clients accountable and that is what we believe separates us from our competition.

Other personal trainers simply train a client for the thirty minute session and do not check in with their client until they meet with them again. That is not the standard that we want to set with Buford personal training. We want to make sure our client never feels like they are just a client to us and we will do whatever it takes to help lose weight they no longer want. In order to lose weight, you have to declare it for yourself and tell yourself this is what you want. You have to be extremely motivated. No one else can convince you to lose weight. A personal trainer can certainly help you lose weight, but if you are not motivated and want to lose weight for yourself, then you are not taking this health journey seriously. You have to be extremely dedicated, workout at least two times per week, have a healthy diet full of whole foods, and drink plenty of water.