Losing weight can be one of the hardest things for someone to do when they do not know where to start or what process to follow. when you work with Buford personal training they’re going to be three simple strategies that are going to allow you to lose weight. the first strategy is going to be nutrition. in order for nutrition to work towards your advantage you need to understand something called portion control. however they eat way too much of these Foods and too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing cuz if your body is always full and is never going to shrink. this is one of the reasons why many people will work out weekend and week out for several hours a week and then over the course of 3 months they’ve actually gained weight and not lost weight. you need to reduce your portions. one simple trick that forces you to eat the correct portion is eating off a smaller place. if the food is on a small plate you cannot over eat because there’s no where to put the food.

I suggest taking all the guessing out of it and follow the advice of your Buford personal training coach and stick to the Inner Circle of the plate. if the food you’re trying to eat does not stick to the Inner Circle of the plate then it does not need to be a part of that meal. now the next question is what goes on that plate. your Buford personal training experience comes with a custom nutrition plan. this plan is going to give you a series of list along with the series of meals that are going to guide you on how and when to eat. an example of this would be for breakfast 1/3 of the Inner Circle the plate needs to come from this list, in the next Thursday from this list, so on and so forth. this allows you to know exactly what needs to be going into the plate in order for you to be successful in your health and wellness. this is what leads to many of our clients finally being able to lose weight and build muscle within their first four weeks. the majority of our clients actually lose 17 pounds or 4% body fat and just their first 3 weeks when following the Phoenix system.

The second tip is to add in fibrous foods. the stomach is made up of good bacteria and the stomach is also made up of bad bacteria. both the good and the bad bacteria combines to be what is known as a microbial. in order to shift the bad bacteria that is currently resting in your stomach back in the good bacteria you need to add in fibrous foods. there are two ways to add in fibrous foods you can do it naturally through the foods that you consume, or you can add in a simple fiber supplement into your daily routine so that you’re getting into Siri fiber. allow you to lose weight fast because this is where stubborn weight sits.