When you work with Buford personal training, your body composition will change very quickly. you can see results in your first month just training 3 days a week. But the way we do things is very different from any other personal training service. It is not about how much weight you lose but how your body composition changes overall. When you start to lose weight, your personal trainer will notice your body composition changing. You may not notice it, but they will notice it before you do.

Body composition changes do not just happen from workouts. Nutrition is extremely important when it comes to weight loss and reaching your goals. Buford personal training will provide a custom meal plan for you to help you reach your goals. We will provide a series of meals for you to choose from that are high protein and low carb. For example, you will have your carbs with breakfast and dinner for the first month. then you will switch to breakfast and lunch and no carbs with dinner. This is because the body needs to go into shock about every 30 days. It will help you continue trimming fat and having body composition changes.

We also want to teach you about sustainable nutrition. This means that you will be able to keep your results forever. We do not provide a cleanse or fad diet. Buford personal training does not believe in this because it is not sustainable. The worst thing people could do when losing weight is going on a diet like the keto diet. This is because it is not realistic to maintain that forever. We want to take the thinking out of it for you when it comes to nutrition. You do not want to overthink it because you are less likely to follow a meal plan. You are more likely to give up and take the easy way out.

 We will always make sure to still give you the freedom in what you want to eat. So that your nutrition is sustainable and you can keep your results forever. Our nutrition guide is $300, but is included for free in our program. At other gyms, nutrition plans aren’t included. We are also going to have weekly accountability meetings with you to go over your nutrition. You will have a group chat with your personal trainer to send meal pictures daily. This is so we can see what you are eating when you are not working out with us. 

We want to focus on the portion size of your meals. We like to call this automatic portion control. it forces you to fit the food nicely on the plate so that you are not overeating. The portions in the United States are often way too large for one person. all of your food should fit within the palm of your hand. For example, a serving of rice should be about the size of your hand. If you make this a habit, then you will see results quickly with us.

When you work with Buford personal training, you will be able to see results and maintain those results long term. It may seem like a challenge, but they will take the thinking out of it for you. You will be able to see results if you stick with the plan provided. We have a proven system that allows people to lose 17 pounds in a month. Most people do not believe this is real, until they finally meet with us. The reason people can see results quickly is because of the high intensity workouts provided. The best part is they are custom tailored to your specific Fitness goals. they are not going to be just cookie cutter workouts like what happens at other gyms. We are going to come up with the best plan for you to reach results.

 The biggest reason people love having custom workouts is because of the more personal experience. We can tailor the workouts to someone that may have an injury. We can also tailor your workouts based on a health condition. We have a lot of clients who have come to us with  health conditions and have been able to help. Buford personal training will modify any type of workout based on different health conditions. That is the great part about everything being custom tailored towards you.

We love creating different workout plans, but clients are still able to achieve results quickly. This is because of our proven systems at Built Phoenix Strong personal training. Coach Placid has been in this industry for a very long time and has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients. He can pretty much take on any type of client that is out there. We would love to help you reach your Fitness goals. The biggest reason clients are able to see results is because of our pillars of health. Fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Buford personal training is going to implement these systems into your life and it’s going to get you your results. 

We want to make each workout challenging for you so that we can provide a valuable service. Personal training is a luxury service that many people go without having their whole life. It is our goal to make you feel like you are getting the most value from our training and workouts. We provide extreme value because of our custom tailored workouts and custom meal plans. On top of that, we also have weekly accountability meetings. We want to help you set small goals within your ultimate fitness goal to help keep you on track. 

You should work with us because you will never have to think about your workouts because they are provided for you. We will also teach you everything you need to know about nutrition. Our membership also comes with weekly accountability meetings and daily communication in our group chats. At other gyms, there is no communication outside of your workout sessions with your trainer. We don’t do that here because we want to help you.