When you begin doing Buford personal training your body is going to go through what is called the initial shock. this is a time period where you can go through extra soreness. this extra soreness simply means that muscle and health are on the way. Many times when people work out for the first time in a long time their body is not used to going through any kind of strenuous exercise. but you have to go through these tough times in order to build resilience and begin to develop the strength that she wants that your body can lose fat and begin to tone that you can become a healthier version of yourself. If you decide to begin Buford personal training you need to understand that you have to have the three pillars of health which break down into fitness, nutrition and accountability. it becomes very difficult for a person to reach their Fitness goals. many people have goals to lose weight, or to drop 20 lbs, or to add muscle, or to tone up their body but they do not know where to start. the place to start when it comes to weight loss is to schedule your free Fitness assessment. this is a no obligation workout that is custom tailored workout.

It is designed to show you what you’re starting point is that we can put together a step by step success road map to guide you to where you want to be. many people have a vision of where they want to be in regards to their body that they have no clue how to get there. when you work with built Phoenix strong your Fitness coach is going to get you there. and the way for you to get there is by following the three pillars of health. you have to send in your meal photos to your personal trainer each and every single day in order for you to see results in your nutrition. if you send in your meal photos for 3 weeks straight which is the same as sending them in for 21 days it will then become a habit for you when Buford personal training.

This will then become something that you can do for the long stretch. and this is how you get permanent results both inside and outside of the gym when getting healthy. many people have the right workout plan and they have an idea of how to eat but there is no accountability in place. the accountability is the key that holds the entire operation together. if you want to lose weight and keep that weight loss off you need somebody to hold you accountable. the reason why this is important is because we as people live in our comfort zone and this can be the thing that holds us back the most. Many of our clients report seeing results in just their first two to three weeks. We even have some clients that lose 10 lb in just their first week and the way they do it is by simply following the simple system that is put together for them to have results. these results are both visible and on the inside. 

Buford personal training | What to look for in a trainer

One question that I get really often is what should I be looking for in a personal trainer. when looking to hire a personal trainer it is important that you choose somebody that is going to have your best interest at heart. you need to have somebody that’s going to truly care about you not just working out but you actually reaching your goals you achieving your results and you being able to maintain these results for a long period of time. you need a trainer that’s going to be in concert communication with you. the reason I say that is far too often trainers are only there and they only speak to you during your current workout. so outside of that 30 to possibly 45 minutes with your workouts trainer you do not hear from them again until it is time for your next workout. we don’t do this when you do Buford personal training instead you hear from your Fitness coach every single day. this is because accountability is the third pillar of health and is one of the most important things that you can Implement into your life in order to have long-term visible and sustainable results in your health and wellness. whether you ask me that is looking to lose weight, or you are trying to tone your body it is important to be held accountable. you need a chair that is also knowledgeable they need to understand how to work your body. far too often trainers believe that they can give their clients the same workouts that they would do for themselves. this is not practical because the average person is not have 4 hours to spend in the gym walking on the treadmill.

This is also not practical because the average person is not eat the same way that a chair eats. so many of these things factor in so you need a chair that understands how to give you a workout plan for Buford personal training that is going to implement compound movements. the first thing people hear when I say that is what is a compound movement a compound movement is an exercise that is going to work multiple muscles at the same time. this can be anywhere from two all into five muscles in one single exercise. for each exercise that you add in you burn twice as many calories. this allows a 30 minute workout to suddenly become more powerful than an hour long to an hour and a half long workout. is you’re working so many muscles at the same time that you are constantly moving. many people when they begin working out and doing compound movements they notice they are way more tired than they normally are when they work out this is because many more muscles at work. but with that being said if more muscles at work that means results can come faster. this is why when you come to wait train at strong the average client can lose 20 pounds of fat or 4% body fat in just their first four weeks of following the athletes Resurrection plan.

this is a plan that designed to get you into the best shape of your life without you even having to think about it. because we are going to put together a successful map that designed to get you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you even having to think about it. you’re going to implement the three pillars of health for buford personal training which are nutrition, accountability, and fitness and we are going to make sure that these are present in your life so that you see the changes and feel the changes. this is why we are the number one highest rated and most reviewed Fitness coach and trainer when it comes to losing weight, and when it comes to building muscle and seeing changes in your health and wellness.