When you hire Buford personal training, you will get into the best shape of your life with no thinking involved. all of your workouts are going to be custom tailored to your Fitness goals. They are not going to be cookie cutter workouts like what happens at most gyms. Those workouts keep you active and moving, but not actually reaching your Fitness goals. The workouts are going to be challenging for you and will get you results.

When a client first meets with us, they often wonder how quickly they can see results. with Buford personal training, you can see results in as little as your first month working together.  One of our clients Jasmine was extremely skeptical when first meeting with us. she did not have any history of working out ever. she was overweight and very uncomfortable and depressed. she knew she had to do something to fix her mental health and confidence. after 3 months of working together, Jasmine has lost 35 lb so far in her weight loss journey. She is an extremely dedicated client and shows up ready to work each workout. This is how we want all of our clients to be when working together.

Although you may be skeptical at first, you have to remain patient and trust the process with Buford personal training. It is not going to be a sprint, but more of a marathon. you must remain patient and consistent. it is important that you stick to the plan that we have provided and put together for you. this does not just go with workouts, but also includes nutrition. We are going to have daily meal check-ins with you. you will be in a group chat with all of us and have to send me a pictures daily. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We want to see what you are eating especially on the days you are not meeting with us. It is important that you stick to the custom meal plan included with your membership. this is going to focus on having high protein and low carbohydrate options. when you are a weight loss client, you are going to focus on having carbohydrates with breakfast and dinner for your first month.

The next month, you were going to focus on having carbohydrates with breakfast and lunch. your body is going to respond to one or the other better so we want to see which one that is. so that your nutrition can be sustainable and you can keep your results forever. On top of the daily meal check-ins, you are going to have weekly accountability meetings with us. We are going to set new goals for you to hit each week that will help you accomplish your main goal. with Jasmine for example, we wanted to make sure she was increasing her weight each week. Each week, she was slowly starting to increase the weight she was using with dumbbells. This is exactly what we want to accomplish to keep track of your progress.

Working with Buford personal training is going to change your life. you are going to form healthy habits and be able to keep your results forever. with an all-inclusive membership, you are going to have custom workouts and a custom meal plan. You are also going to have weekly accountability meetings with us. we want to keep you on track to reaching your Fitness goals. whether that be looking to lose weight or build more muscle. your personal trainer is going to put together a custom workout plan to help you see results in your first month working together. The way we do things is very different from any other personal training service. we are not just a personal training company, but rather have health memberships. What this means is you will have our three pillars of health. fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

Buford personal training is going to implement these systems into your life and it’s going to get you your results. The most important reason people fall off track is because they do not have the right plan. Some personal trainers will throw together random workouts that keep a client active, but not actually reaching their Fitness goals. it is extremely important to stick to the plan and remain consistent and patient with the process. This can be very challenging for some of our clients who have long busy schedules. For example, we have several clients that are overnight nurses. We understand that they’re busy schedule and different working hours can be challenging to stick to the meal plan.  However, one of our clients Rachel has been able to see great results working together. She has become much leaner and stronger. One of her big things she wanted to focus on when first working together was her energy. She was constantly tired throughout her work night. Within just 10 days, she was already feeling much more energetic and getting through her work night.

Buford personal training is going to help you with a custom meal plan to fuel your body properly. On top of that, all of our clients must send us daily meal pictures. So that we can see the kinds of things they are eating throughout the day. We want to make sure they are sticking to the meal plan in order to see results. If you are looking to lose weight, your meal plan is going to focus on having more protein and less carbohydrates. you really only need to have carbohydrates with two out of three meals per day. The best way to see results quickly is removing the carbohydrate from lunch. The body will go into shock phase and wait will rapidly fall off of you.

But the biggest thing is you have to shock your body every so often. It is important to follow a plan, but you need to come up with a new strategy every so often. For one month you will take out the carbohydrate from lunch. The next month, you will take out the carbohydrate from dinner. You have to work on a different strategy that your personal trainer will provide.